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Seeking Moms with Learning Differences and Depression

New York, NY

I love my children so much! I want to be able to enjoy them as much as posible B-4 they grow up to have thier own families. But when both of them starts up the temper tantrums in minutes I start feeling over-loaded. I can't think clearly. I feel like I have to get away. I end up giving them what they want. So they can be happy and not notice mommy is not feeling ok. I wish I know why I feel so upet most of the day. I want my children to see a smart happy mommy they can be proud of. I know I can do many things, except being normal. How do you explain to your child "your mommy is wierd only because she's depressed with ADD and LD" I need all the advice possible.

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This Went 2 the Wrong Catorgy but I Need Advice Fast....

Detroit, MI

ok this is the issue my sister has a best friend( who I look @ as a lil sister)she got into a fight with her mom boyfriend so her mom kicks her out the house an she has a 5 month old baby.now 4 every1 that knows me no I have a heart of gold an would do anything to help ppl out.the only problem is my husband mom and 3 lil sisters is staying with us but I really don't mind her moving in cuz the girl has no were else to go and she has a baby an his dad don't help take care ofem I don't want her out in the cold so what should I do?some1 please help!!!

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