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How Long Is Too Long for Our Children to Wait in Emergency Rooms?

San Antonio, TX

For the past two weeks my two boys have both been sick. First, my oldest, who is 3 years old. My son had already been diagnosed with an ear infection, and two days later, with taking antibiotics he wasn't getting any better. He had a fever of 104.9 and I was very concerned. I called two different nurse hotlines and even spoke to the pedi on call (it was around 12:30 in the morning), who then suggested to give him a fever reducer and take him to the emergency room. I did. I arrived at Sant Rosa Children's Hospital E.R. around 12:50am and of course it is packed with sick children. I sign in and tell the admitting nurse that my son had a fever of 104.9. Now I know that is really high for anyone especially a child, and instead of checking him then and there(she was also doing the triage, short staffed?) she just told me to have a seat. Luckily, my son was feeling better thanks to the motrin I had given him. Well, it was about 2 later when he was called just to be triaged. We were sent back to the waiting area and time went by. As I'm sitting there, I'm looking at the children who are ill. Some are crying, vomiting, and just looked miserable because they don't feel good. It must have been about 5am, my son asleep in my arms and there were still kids who were there before my son who were still waiting to be seen and I decided to leave. I let the nurse know and told her that it is ridiculous how long these sick kids have to wait to be seen. She tried too be compasionate about it, but I just didn't want to hear it. I was so upset with frustration I cried in my car! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what doctors and nurses do, but there has to be a way to get our ill children seen faster. It was pretty much the same situation yesterday with my 2 year old son but a different hospital (I won't take my kids to Santa Rosa anymore).I left because it just took to long. I took him to his pedi this morning and he was diagnosed with pnemonia. HOW LONG IS TOO LONG FOR OUR CHILDREN TO WAIT IN EMERGENCY ROOMS?!! These are our children who are helpless when they are sick. They don't deserve to be in any kind of pain, but when they are shouldn't we as adults do everything we can to make them feel better. I think ALL hospitals, especially children's hospitals, need to do something to better the situation. It's just not right.

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Seeking Medical Facilities near Rolling Hills Area

Los Angeles, CA

Hi. We currently have temporary Medi-Cal for our two small children and would like to find a good pediatrics and/or clinic and/or hospital nearby. We need to get our kids vaccinated and simply would like to know that if anything happens we know where to take our kids. A hospital or a clinic with great communication skills would be wonderful! I've called Medi-Cal and asked for providers nearby but no luck. They told me to call around and see if they accept Medi-Cal. With so many clinics and hospitals nearby I'd like some advice from moms out there. Thanks again in advance for your input.

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Survey About the Best "Maternity" Hospital

Dallas, TX

Hello all, I'm getting ready to write an article for our community newsletter about the top hospitals, for maternity, in the area. What hospital do you like or dislike? Why? I need to extend the survey...I've only had a handful of responses. Please take a few minutes to post a quick response. Thank you in advanced. I want to hear from everyone.

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