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Looking for a Gift for My Parents' Anniversary...

Dallas, TX

In September, my parents are going to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, so I was wanting to get them something special. I was thinking about getting them a plate with my children's hand/ feet prints on them. I have seen these in magazines, but I don't know where to go to get one. Has anyone else done this? Did you like it or not worth the money? Looking for any feedback! Thanks!!!!

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Secret Santa Gift Idea

Nashville, TN

This weekend our friends are having our annual Secret Santa party. It is six of us and we are all very close friends (teammates in college, God mothers, and Maids of Honor). I am having difficultly with choosing a gift for one of my friends. The minimum amount that we can spend is 25 dollars. The friend that I chose, her mother passed earlier this year. The Christmas holiday was very special to her and her mom. I am not quite sure what I want to get her. The store, Things Remembered, has a beautiful memorial snow globe that can be engraved and a picture can be inserted. She has mourned a lot over her mom’s death. Remember we are all very young. Should I give her something sentimental or should I give her a gift that was on her wish list ("smell goods," colorful socks, and/or accessories)? How can I make it special for her without bringing her spirits down? I really need help, because time is running out. Thanks

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