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Sana Chiropractic

4 reviews
  • 11707 Bowman Green Dr
    Reston, VA 20190
  • (703) 349-6831

Business description (provided by the business owner):

Sana Chiropractic's vision is to awaken families, communities, and the world to a better way of life, a life without dis-ease. Education of a wellness lifestyle with a continual commitment to excellence in care and service.

Specific Practice Focus: pre/post natal care, female health, pediatric and family care: specifically Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD).

Recent Accomplishments:
For the second year in a row Sana Chiropractic’s Dr. Andrea Marconi was nominated for CHIROPRACTOR OF THE YEAR.
Sana Chiropractic was also selected and awarded the Best of Reston Award in the Chiropractors & Chiropractic Services category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

Knowledge is power!
Discover Health and Wellness like never before. Come learn how to Reclaim Your Life.
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Dr. Marconi
Internation Chiropractic Pediatric Council Association

Reviews from 4 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Henderson, NV on Oct. 06, 2010

I have been going to see Dr.Marconi for just over 3 years and I have always thought the world of her care and professionalism. I now have two wonderful children, ages 2 1/2 and 8 1/2 months. Both of my children have been treated by
Dr.Marconi in both wellness and while sick. Most
recently, my 8 1/2 month old has had difficulty
sitting up for any length of time. I chalked it up to
him being an active little boy and him 'preferring' to army crawl. After 2 months of army crawling, I brought him in to see Dr.Marconi. His sacrum was tilted (fairly common) but also turned. Dr.Marconi adjusted him and he was happy throughout. I watched him closely the next day and the difference was amazing! He was sitting up straighter and for longer periods of time. I can now give him a bath without an infant seat because he is so steady. Within 3 days he began crawling on all fours as well. He still reverts back to an army crawl every so often but he seems more comfortable on all fours than he did before. A huge thank you to Dr.Marconi for her patience and commitment to working with children of all ages. We are lucky to have you!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Arlington, VA on Jan. 28, 2009

Dr. Marconi is a genuine doctor that cares about my family's health. My children love her! Her office is kid friendly and she provides a very relaxed, safe and professional environment. She is more than happy to answer my questions and explain how the body works and responds to chiropractic. (And she does the same for the kids.) We are so lucky to have found her!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Reston, VA on Jan. 26, 2009

Our experience with Sana Chiropractic was extraordinary and we are thrilled to share it. Last July we were new to Reston and my wife Edith was 7 months pregnant (and in need of an adjustment). We found Sana via a websearch. Dr. Marconi's warm and welcoming manner put us at ease that first visit, and my wife experienced immediate relief after the adjustment. This continued in subsequent visits.

Late in our pregnancy and with our initial OBGYN insisting on an induction/c-section (only because my wife was over 35), we shared with Dr. Marconi our dismay, since we truly wanted a natural birth for our daughter. She not only encouraged us to change doctors (with only weeks left in our pregnancy), but did her own research and found a doctor much more compatible with our needs and desires.

At 5 days past our due date early in September, our very good new doctor suggested that we might need an induction and possibly a c-section afterall (our baby was on the large size). Resigned to this fate and with an induction scheduled for the next day, we visited Dr. Marconi one more time. During her adjustment, Edith told Dr. Marconi that she had heard that pressing certain points could trigger labor, and could she try that. Dr. Marconi responded that she was already pressing just those points.

After the adjustment, we returned home and within 15 minutes, labor started! I will treasure the smile of relief that crossed Edith’s face when she realized what was happening. 20 hours later, without induction or c-section, our beautiful and healthy daughter Laia Helen was in our arms. We were thrilled that she could come when she was ready, without medical intervention and on her own terms. And we have Dr. Marconi to thank for her skill and wisdom in supporting a healthy pregnancy for Edith and birth for Laia.

We continue to get regular adjustments – all three of us! - and Dr. Marconi treats us like family. We are thrilled to recommend her without reservation.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Reston, VA on Jan. 23, 2009

As a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage I have often referred my clients to Sana Chiropractic. Dr Marconi's practice focuses on the family and she does a lot of great work with women during their pregnancy, helping them stay healthy and comfortable as their body changes. All the women I have referred to her thanked me for the referral. They were all very pleased with the exceptional care Dr Marconi provides.

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