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Learning Is Child's Play, LLC

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  • 12574 Lorio Acres
    Lakeland, LA 70752
  • (225) 454-5676

Business description (provided by the business owner):

Based in Louisiana, and found only on the World Wide Web,, is a subsidiary of MAM Companies, LLC, and was founded on the principle that all children "learn" by doing what they do best... Playing!

"Learning Is Child's Play" is a phrase coined by my very own mother in the early 70's for her small school! She taught me that children learn best when their environment is filled with wonderful items that have bright colors, toys and fixtures that are child sized and toys that provided hands on learning! She was right!

Being a teacher myself for 28 years and having two children of my own, I've seen toys come and go! I've learned what children like and what they don't like, through teaching my own kids and Pre-K students! The ones they choose time and time again are the ... simple, colorful, "let me do the work", time-tested toys!

Now a-days our children's lives are filled with so much outside stimuli such as electronic games, television and computer games. Nothing is wrong with these things IF they are used within reason! Children need to be creative on their own! They need to be able to imagine for themselves the worlds they see on television and computers. Learning this way develops their MINDS! and it's partners will strive to offer you items that will enhance your child's ability to learn, that are Safe for you child and Safe for the environment, plus make learning FUN! is a " No Batteries Zone" toy store. Here you will find only toys that require... no batteries, no fancy bells or whistles, no light bulbs, no electricity because they don't light up, make sounds, or move on their own!

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