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Birth Doula

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  • Fayetteville, NC 28304
  • (910) 484-8570

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Uta Mattox CD(DONA)
I have been a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International since 1997.
Email: [email protected]

My typical service package includes:
*two prenatal appointments (more if needed) at about 2 hours each
*on-going contact via phone and/or email leading up to labor and during labor until my presence is desired
*assistance in researching any questions or concerns that may come up during prenatal visits with the care provider
*24/7 on-call starting at 38 weeks until labor/birth
*continuous presence during active labor, birth and for a while afterwards
*assistance with establishing breastfeeding, if desired and needed
*continued availability by phone/email for questions
*postpartum visit at home within a week or two after return home

I have worked in several states (MD, DC, MA, SC and NC), in a large number of different hospitals with different care providers, and am very flexible and adaptable. I have served women who had non-medicated labors, as well as labors with inductions, augmentations, epidurals, cesareans and VBACs. I have served women who would have been alone without me there, couples, and births with a large birth support team consisting of friends and family members.

I am available for a phone interview and a personal interview free of charge, without any obligation. References are available upon request.

I limit the number of clients I take at a given time to be better able to focus on my clients' needs.

I attend births in Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg, and am also willing to travel to Sanford and other area hospitals.

Reviews from 9 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Raeford, NC on Apr. 28, 2011

Uta was awesome throughout our whole birth experience! Even though I had a LOT of support throughout the actual labor (husband, sister-in-law, brother and friend) she was still invaluable to us all. I had a rather long labor, with a couple of slight complications but everything worked out fine in the end and Uta was there the ENTIRE time and stayed up taking care of me the entire night through, even when everyone else was racked out. She helped me to stay as close to my birth plan as possible and gave me so much support. I would definitely recommend using Uta for your birth experience. She knows what she is talking about and she listens to YOUR wishes and respects them and doesn't push any of her own agendas onto you. She will be a great advocate for you in the heat of the moment when doctors and nurses are running around and everyone is telling you one thing or another. She was worth every penny and then some and I plan on using her again as soon as baby #2 gets underway ;-)

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Apr. 22, 2011

As soon as I had that first interview meeting with Uta I felt at ease. She was very comfortable to be around and talk to. I hired her for the birth of my second child due to my husband being deployed and I wanted to attempt to not use medicine this time around. Uta assisted me with a birth plan which allowed me to feel confident leading up to the delivery of my son. We met in my house and went over relaxation techniques, she recommended books and videos, and she kept a copy of my birth plan to have in the hospital. Just 2 weeks prior to my son being born my husband died in Afghanistan. I was so grateful to have found Uta before hand and have her there with me holding my hand as I delivered my son naturally while family was arriving. I had called Uta early that morning and she came directly to my house intending to stay and utilize relaxation techniques. When she arrived contractions were close so we rushed to the hospital instead. My son was born 20 minutes after arriving to the hospital. Uta stayed in the room with me and called after we left the hospital to check on things and ask if I had any questions. As a registered nurse I saw firsthand how Uta as a doula provided care, reassurance, and was a true patient advocate.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Sanford, NC on Nov. 02, 2010

Our search for a doula was wonderful, once we found Uta! My husband and I were new to the area, with no family nearby, I was three months pregnant, and he was deploying in less than two months, and I was due around the holidays. We needed to find a doula, and fast! This being my first pregnancy, I was nervous my husband wouldn’t make it home on leave in time for the birth. Having a doula gave me some peace of mind. Uta was extremely knowledgeable and listened to our concerns. She had great ideas we, as first time parents-to-be hadn't even thought of. When we met Uta, we just knew she was the perfect fit for us.
The meetings at the house helped me feel prepared for anything that might happen during the delivery. I felt mentally ready to go through that. Also, I felt comfortable with breathing, and positioning I might use during labor to help the baby along. She recommended some books and videos that helped me get ready for the birth as well. We made a birth plan, and I felt comfortable with what we had chosen. Even if my husband didn’t get leave in time for the new arrival, I felt secure in knowing that Uta, my ‘coach’ would be there with me.
Luckily, my husband did make it home for the birth. It turns out that having Uta there was not only wonderful for me, but a great support for my husband as well. I took pre-natal classes and had my meeting at the house with Uta, but due to a deployment, my husband was only able to prepare by reading tons of baby books. Having Uta in the delivery room was like having a guide for both of us. She gave tips, suggestions to my husband as to how he could help make me comfortable and help with the labor techniques. I know he appreciated that very much. Uta was a blessing to have with us. She was so soothing to me, and I was able to just focus on her when things got difficult. She knew how to make feel as comfortable as possible while I was dilating. I used the visualization we talked about, the body positioning and more. It felt familiar because we had practiced these things in our meetings. Her gentle nature and encouragement was so nurturing and helpful to me. My labor ended up being an exhausting, 22 hour long one. Uta was there encouraging us both, and helping me remember that I could ‘do this’. Doctors and nurses were in and out of the room, but Uta was there the entire time. That was a huge blessing! It was such a comfort to have Uta with us as part of this experience.
One of the wonderful things Uta does is script during the labor and birth experience. We loved that she did that! When we had our post-partum meeting, she brought the notes and it was wonderful to read what we had lived. There were so many things I had forgotten or didn’t even realize happened because I was so focused on the labor and contractions, and just being in the moments with my husband. So many important parts of our birth experience might have been lost, if not for her writing them down. It was very special to be able to read that with my husband and relive the birth of our baby girl. Also, Uta took photos for us to commemorate the birth experience. We were so happy to see those, and since it was just my husband and I, we would have missed that part of it if not for Uta.
I hope you would consider using Uta as a doula for your birth experience. She was amazing, even more than we expected. I would hire her again in an instant!

Suzette Smith

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Jan. 19, 2010

I definitely recommend Uta Mattox as a doula. My husband and I had a wonderful experience after hiring Uta. She was always on call, showed concern, and was always willing to help. One thing I loved about working with Uta in general was that she always found an answer to my questions, whether she knew it or had to research about the topic. More specifically, I loved having her at my baby’s birth because she was very understanding and patient. She truly went the extra mile for us!
When my husband and I met Uta for an interview, we immediately felt at ease, knowing that having her as part of our birthing experience would be extremely helpful (and she was). Uta met with us twice prior to giving birth to discuss our birth plan and things to do during labor to ease the pain, among other things. Everything she said was honest and straightforward, which I appreciated very much. She also provided feedback immediately, whether it was via email, phone call, or text message.
Uta helped make our birthing experience a lot easier and we got to enjoy it more because we knew what to do and had a professional who could offer great advice. She is extremely competent, very knowledgeable, and undoubtedly trustworthy. Uta never tried to take over my husband’s role, was very comforting, and was always respectful of our family unit. She often called to check on me and let me know when she would be out of town, even though it was only for a few hours. I really appreciated that gesture.
We thoroughly recommend Uta Mattox as a doula and would love to work with her again.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Oct. 31, 2009

Uta was our doula for our 2nd child. Words cannot express the gratitude, we have for her. Uta was hired for my husband because he was deployed for the birth of our first child. We planned a Bradley Birth but also agreed that a doula would benefit the both of us. My husband and I interviewed many doulas but we found Uta to best match our interests and needs for the birth of our 2nd child.
I am a firm believer that birth is such an intimate experience for you and your partner, that it needs to be special. Sometimes, your spouse may forget what is needed to be done at the time of need. Uta was able to let my spouse know when it was time for him to do what he does a calm and gentle manner.
Uta includes many things in her services but she goes over and beyond what she lists in her package.
Please feel free to contact me for more infomation but once you meet with Uta, you will know that she is the right one for you and your family.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Aug. 29, 2009

Uta was my doula for the birth of my first baby. She was very helpful right from our first meeting, when she gave me lots of information about parenting resources in our community. We met twice more during my third trimester and Uta helped me develop a birth plan, answering all my questions (often even before I could ask them). There was a high likelihood that my labor would be induced and Uta gave me good advice about what to expect. When labor was induced 4 weeks before my due date, Uta came to the hospital as soon as I called her and provided comfort during a painful procedure. She used several different techniques to make my labor more comfortable and her help and her calm presence throughout labor was very reassuring for my family and me. Uta and I met again two weeks after my son was born and she answered my questions about caring for both my baby and me. Having a doula made a huge difference in my birth experience and I would highly recommend Uta to anyone.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Dec. 12, 2008

Uta helped me with the birth of my second child in what turned out to be frustrating and unusual circumstances. She was always patient and available throughout the final two weeks of my pregnancy, and provided me and my husband with calm and sage advice. She was an invaluable resource to us, as we were forced to make tough decisions regarding inducing labor. Uta was supportive, no matter what decision we made.

In the end Uta was present and extremely helpful at the short, 2 hour labor before my son was born. She worked extremely well with a hospital staff that had NEVER interacted with a birth doula before.

Uta is calming, professional, and was an asset to my birth support team. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Myrtle Beach, SC on Dec. 08, 2008

Uta helped me with the birth of my second child. My first had been a c-section due to breech presentation, and I was really trying for a natural birth. Uta professionally met with us prior to the birth to understand our needs. She gave me several ideas beforehand. When the actual labor came on, she was prompt to arrive and try different methods of pain management to find the one that worked for me. I really wanted to walk through the hospital for my labor, and she followed me along and applied counterpressure whenever practical.
In addition, a birth can be stressful due to several different parties involved. Uta dealt expertly with the medical professionals, my family, and everyone to the degree that made it a very smooth experience for everyone. I would highly recommend her services.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Fayetteville, NC on Jan. 28, 2008

Uta is a great woman and amazing doula. I used her for both of my births, and I'm so glad I did! My first labor was LONG - about 36 hours. Uta stayed awake and focused on me the entire time - even when my husband and I napped! She helped me to resolve the unavoidable differences in my ideal birth and what actually happened, so that I wouldn't remember my son's birth as disappointing or a failure on my part. She helped me with latching on and allowed me to rehash the whole experience over and over! (Something new moms MUST do.)
My second birth was only 3 hours! Uta was just as needed then, helping me to get over my fear and staying calm when things started happening too fast for me to handle! My husband thinks the best thing about Uta is that she guided him by suggesting ways that he could help me. He felt much safer with her there - and he was able to take breaks when he needed it, knowing that Uta would take care of me. I highly recommend using a doula, and, in particular, Uta Mattox.

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