Where Were You When Your Water Broke?

Updated on November 30, 2011
M.M. asks from Lake Charles, LA
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I keep having these dreams about going into labor... I'm so ready and we were certain this would have happened like 2 weeks ago (the odds of me carrying to term were like 10%) and here I am at almost 38 weeks (SIGH). With my first I was sitting on the couch and thought I peed on myself, my husband needed me outside and it happened again so I rushed to the bathroom and BAM it was all over the floor.. I haven't even had as much as a false contraction in like a week and I'm going INSANE... last night I had a dream that my water broke while I was wearing my favorite UGGS and I was so happy/mad at the same time lol.. crazy I know.

So you ladies that had your water break before you were actually contracting where were you? Any crazy places, like the grocery store? I need something to take my mind off my back, my feet and my heart burn LOL.

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answers from Green Bay on

Oh my gosh, I feel for you. I had my son at 38 weeks, and I was so excited when they sent me to the hospital (even though it was because of preeclampsia) because I just wanted him out!
I don't have an exciting "water breaking" story because they broke my water in the hospital. However, one of my fears were that my water were to break at work - that would have been embarrassing for me as my office has carpet!

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answers from Detroit on

I was in bed too. Woke up 5am ish, and sat up an felt a gush. Meconium in the fluid...very gross! My pants didn't do as well as the poster before me. After sitting in my belongings bag for a few days, I had to pitch them. I had not had contractions, but had very bad pain my back for a week. even when to the ER a few days before...they said it could have been back labor? in the end, my contractions never even got strong enough to deliver!

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answers from Charlotte on

In the hospital... both times. I didn't mess up anybody's floor, or car, or couch.

But... my husband's cousin's wife broke her water 6 weeks early while she was standing in the bathroom at home. She felt a huge pain, stepped into the bathtub, screamed for her husband, and sat down, just to deliver her baby in her own hands. Her husband ran in, saw what happened, ran out and got the phone, and called 911. They helped talk him through how to cut the cord and all that. The ambulance arrived after he finished. That baby just graduated from college in June!


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answers from Eugene on

5am as I was getting up to go to the bathroom. All 4 kids, same timing.

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answers from San Diego on

I was taking a shower but didn't realize that's what happened. I joked with my husband when I got out..how would you know if you're in the shower? I had another gush as I was getting dressed and that's when I realized what it was. I wasn't feeling anything that was any different hen I'd felt for several weeks. He was born 9 hours later or so.
My second and third my water didn't break until right before they were born. I think my second the bag didn't break until he was actually born.

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answers from Tampa on

Mine was in the hospital, but weird timing.

I was induced and not progressing, even after cervical massage, so the doctor said that after I got the epidural she would come in and break my water for me. Well after 6 attempts while I sat on the bed folded like a pretzel, they finally got the epidural in (which didn't last at all) then the nurse came in to get me comfortable again and as soon as I laid back the flood gates opened. It was the best release I ever felt, haha. I think I was just scared of the huge plastic knitting needle they use coming anywhere near my lady parts. :)

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answers from Dallas on

If I had to guess I would have to say at the birthday party for my friend's 2 year old. I've had some time to reminisce on this one. For the last few weeks I was pregnant I had some tough days of constipation. Went to the birthday party and had to go to the bathroom - no gush but just a trickle (normal bathroom stuff) After the birthday party we went shopping, no real change but I felt more discharge (normal late pregnancy discharge - I thought). Went to company bowling party ( I wasn't due for 2 weeks but I didn't bowl either) I felt same type of constipation pains but nothing bit.

I went home that night and took a shower. Again no gush just a little more discharge than normal. I didn't lose my mucus plug or anything so I was completely clueless. Shower didn't help me to be more comfortable so I went to bed. When I couldn't sleep or get comfortable I called the Doctor. She thought they were contractions. If they were I was having small ones all day and just didn't know it. I didn't notice anything like a gush when my water broke just more moisture down there - that was at the birthday party. When the pains got 4 minutes apart I went to the hospital and they asked me if my water broke. I truthfully had no clue so they checked and it had.

With my second I went into the hospital to be induced and while I was changing into the hospital gown my water broke. No gush just felt like I peed myself. Saved the Doctor a task she would have had to do.

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answers from Phoenix on

With # 1 and #3 the nurses broke my water.....with #2 i was in bed sleeping....was scheduled for an induction at 6am and it it broke at 2am. my dd was born at 5;51 AM.......my dr joked that was a quick labor, negative 9 minutes. :)

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answers from Houston on

I was home getting ready for bed, I was already a week overdue and also wasn't contracting. I was scheduled to be induced the next morning for medical reasons, so I was all ready to go to the hospital! I had to pee really bad and was sitting on the toilet. I got out like 3 pregnancy books to confirm my water had broken. I wrapped a towel between my legs and trimmed up my husband's neck hair, (I'm a hairstylist). I couldn't stand the thought of a yucky haircut in our precious newborn baby hospital photos. Extreme nesting, I suppose. The nurse at the hospital told me my water hadn't broken, I was like, "Then what the hell is this?!" She examined me almost an hour later and was like, "oh... it did break!"

With my second, my Dr. had to do it since that was a scheduled induction.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My story isn't all that exciting. My water broke about 7 hours into labor and I was at the hospital. We'd just arrived and the nurse was talking to me about a monitor or something and I had to stop her to tell her my water just broke. It felt like a water balloon exploded between my legs and there was no question in my mind what had happened. She lifted the blanket to look at the bed and said "yup, it sure did."

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry-no exciting story here! LOL

I was sick as a dog, middle of the night, coughing and coughing.
Got up to pee, went to the bathroom and though...."that was odd....."
Yep--sitting on the toilet. Pretty textbook, huh?

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answers from Dallas on

No crazy stuff I was laying in the hospital bed both times being induced :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

With my first son, I was at work, walking from my desk to the restroom. With my second son, I was at home in bed.



answers from Kansas City on

Well with both my pregnancies, it happened at 4am. I got up to pee, and well, kept peeing. And they were both easy. Maybe this will happen to you tonight, when you get up to pee!! Keep your chin up, even if you wait till full term, you've only got a few weeks left. I know it is hard.



answers from Dallas on

10pm, 3 days before my due date, lifted my leg to climb into bed and "squirt". I thought I peed myself, but it didn't quite feel like that. I walked around for about 15 minutes trying to figure it out and noticed a very slight green color - a little meconium so I knew it was my water breaking - it never "broke" though. Just leaked - if it broke while I was in labor in a big gush, I didn't notice :)



answers from Phoenix on

With all 3 pregnancies, my water never broke.

The Dr.s did it during intense labor, as my 'membranes were bulging.'



answers from Seattle on

Just lying in bed, but it's a funny story. I had woken up super early that morning (2 days before my due date) and couldn't sleep. I watched tv for a while then fell asleep on the couch. Got up eventually, went to the bathroom, then I went to lie down in bed again. Told my husband it was time for him to get up and go to work. He put his hand on my stomach and said "I'm not going to work today, my baby is coming" and I swear that second I felt the gush! Sure enough that was it. Went to the hospital to get induced a few hours later. Guess daddy was right (for once!) It only ruined what I was wearing for bottoms, but nothing the washing machine couldn't handle =) Congrats on making it this far!



answers from Albuquerque on

For some reason, with all mine it was always in the bathroom! I did end up soaking a pair of shoes with my second



answers from New York on

At the office at the beginning of my 32nd week. I thought I was peeing myself but quickly realized that something was wrong. My dear boss at the time drove me to the hospital (I was in midtown manhattan and my hospital was in northern NJ!). I had an emergency c section two hours later and thank God my son was OK after a few weeks in the NICU.



answers from New York on

I was in the hospital in the bed. Once the dr broke it while checking to see if it had broke and the other its was broken intentionally.


answers from Jacksonville on

I woke up, walked into the kitchen, and SPLASH, all over the floor. I thought "now surely I didn't pee myself THAT much!" I wasn't contracting at all until it broke and even then they were very mild. We went to the hospital a few hours later and when my doc tested me he said it wasn't fluid. I told him there was no way I was peeing my pants continually for 4 hours. He looked under the microscope and duh...the rest is history. We still laugh about how loud that splash was off the kitchen floor.

Take ease mama, your time will come. At least you beat the odds! It sounds like you've got a trooper in there. :)



answers from Seattle on

11PM when I went to the bathroom. I didn't realize it at first - for some reason I never thought my labor would start with my water breaking. I had the first contractions starting at 2 AM, 4 hours later I was holding my DD.

Sending you quick and easy labor vibes...


answers from Dothan on

Welllll the 1st good news is that you can clean those UGGS!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I was PG 4 times & my water only 'broke' once, so THAT isn't alwayz a given!

Mine (the one that broke) was in the middle of my Grandmother's living room! She was the mom of 8 kidz so it was not a biggie for her!

Good luck & Congrats!


answers from San Francisco on

I was peeing and well, it just kept going every time I tried to stand up. When it finally stopped I ran out to the living room to get my phone and call my husband to take me to the hospital, but I was not thinking and had a gush on the living room carpet. None in the car thankfully, but then another gush in the elevator at the hospital. There was an old guy on the elevator with flowers (probably a new grandpa) who totally freaked out! LOL
I had a skirt on so no ruined pants, but the sandals I was wearing did not survive.

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