When to Change Nipple Size on Bottle

Updated on January 16, 2010
M.H. asks from Austin, TX
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When do I change the nipple size on a bottle. I'm using Dr. Brown bottles for feeding. We're on 1 and my little girl is eating 4oz's every 3-4 hours.
Is there a rule to follow, when will I know to make a change?

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answers from Indianapolis on

There's no rule necessarily. We had bottles that my kids liked to have the slow flowing nipples on until they were close to a year.

If she's getting frustrated or seems to really be straining, I'd make a switch to the next level. The real difference is the flow (the containers will give you an estimated age).

I think we moved to level 2 nipples around 3-5 months and around 6-7 months went to mostly level 3 and 4 nipples.

Hope that helps.

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answers from Houston on

I changed the nipple when my daughter was sucking so hard and fast and getting frustrated getting the milk out. The next size up was perfect and she was happy! i think she was about 3 mos old??



answers from Austin on

I didn't use Dr. Browns but the Advent nipple packages would specify the age range they were designed for so that is what I always went by.



answers from Houston on

I don't know that there are rules, it's just your baby's personal preference. My twins are 8 1/2 mos. and they still use the slow flow nipples, the boy has a tendency to eat faster and collapse the nipple so we've tried to change his nipples and he chokes. As with all things parenting...trial and error...



answers from San Antonio on

She is probably ok for a while longer. Right about 9 weeks to 12 weeks you may notice a change in her pattern of sucking and more control because her sucking will change from a reflex to a learned/controllable pattern. If you try a faster flow and she starts to cough or gag, go back to the original nipple and try again in a week or so. What you don't want is to get "gulping" which is too fast and will upset her tummy/give her gas. It is normal for her to take about 15 to 20 minutes to finish a bottle. Try not to rush her, even if it is in the middle of the night. Good Luck and happy feeding!



answers from San Antonio on

When she seems like she's having to suck too hard or it's taking too long to finish the bottle. Usually, you don't move up to the next size until she's at least 3 months. Then again at about 6 months. Otherwise, the flow will come too fast and she'll choke. If this happens more than once, then go back to the slower nipple for a few weeks and then try again.


answers from Houston on

At a month old, you are probably good with the #1 for a little bit. When she starts eating more and you notice it is taking her a really long time to finish a bottle, then try to move up. If you move to the #2 and she starts spilling out the sides of her mouth or getting choked, she may not be ready yet.

Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

My daughter was primarily breastfed, but she went to daycare full time and used bottles for a year. She was actually happy with the same nipple for the whole year. I kept an eye on them to make sure there was no excessive wear, but they naturally open up a little with use and cleaning.



answers from Victoria on

when it seemed my little one was taking longer than usual to drink, we moved up. Also when your at the store look on the package it says the month of age for approperiate nipple size. If you want to try it out and see if your baby can handle it...not sound like she is drounding from it. Then give it a try.

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