What Is Our Favorite Thing to Cook in You Instant Pot or Air Fryer?

Updated on August 22, 2019
H.M. asks from Midlothian, TX
7 answers

My son does competition trampoline and tumbling and is at the gym still late everyday during the week if he's not working out he coaching. He does not drive so I need ideas of things that are fast to cook. I use my crock pot a lot and this weekend it stopped working. We went to the store to get a new one. One of our friends had told us about her instant pot that she loved. So my husband decide to get one instead. When we got to the store he found one that had an air fryer as well (which he's been wanting for a while). I need ideas of things that are tasty and easy to cook in it. We have made queso and air fried steaks. But I need more ideas!

Thanks so much for all your ideas!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We do the easy stuff in the air fryer: breaded chicken tenders, battered fish fillets (frozen from store). The recipe book has lots more that looks easy, but I haven't had time to be too creative.

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answers from Chicago on

I've used the instant pot a lot. You can do so much in it. I like to do taco meat, stew, chili, ribs, italian beef, beef or pork roasts. I've also done fish in foil packets, meatloaf, and chicken. It really does save time and things turn out great. There's tons of recipes online so you can always find something new. Let me know if you want any specific tips or recipes!

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answers from San Francisco on

Get on pinterest, you will find TONS of recipes, most with reviews and tips. Allrecipes is a good site too, plenty of reviews and photos from real users.

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answers from Memphis on

It's not fancy but pork carnitas in the Instapot. Pork, salt, pepper, chopped onion, and water. When done, drain remaining liquid, shred, add taco seasoning. Done. My kids love taco pizzas on tortillas or taco salad. Lots of recipes on pinterest. It's my go to when I don't have time to grill.

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answers from Portland on

I do not have one but my sister and a friend of mine do chicken in theirs. Is it possible it's the whole chicken? Seems to just take no time at all.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I use my instant pot to make black beans, butter chicken (the indian dish), pulled pork (for sandwiches), soups, homemade yogurt, beef stew and chili. I need to learn more recipes too!

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answers from Washington DC on

chicken and rice! but there are sooooo many things. this is one of those cases where google is awesome.
love that yours is an air fryer too. i've never had one of those, but it sounds terrific.

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