What Do Do with a Cast at the Beach!??

Updated on September 15, 2008
S.B. asks from Syracuse, NY
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My daughter is 9 and recently broke her arm by falling off her razor scooter (my take - get rid of them if you have them). We are going to be spending 12 days at the ocean in Rhode Island starting on the 12th. Obviously she won't be surfing or boogie boarding. I think we can keep her entertained outside of the swimming... I'm worried about the sand. Does anyone have any experience with casts at the beach? Any tricks to keep the sand out - or at least under control?

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So What Happened?

Well - we've been on the beach for about 9 days now and have kept the cast clean and dry using press n' seal plastic wrap...it's AMAZING. I was able to find a cast cover at Rite Aid, but it was really made just for bathing. She didn't really swim at all, but she played in the water and built sand castles and had a great time (she didn't complain once) I tried internet sites and medical supply stores to find a good cast cover, but her arm is too long and skinny to fit the sizes that they sell... she's very slim... So, Thank you all for your advice. I appreciate it. I also highly recommend press n'seal for cast covering! It seals right to the skin and holds a perfect seal without making her arm too hot or uncomfortable.

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I'm attaching a link to a product we used for our daughter after heel cord surgery. They have a size calculator you can check out for proper sizing for both arm and leg casts. This worked great for us during our 8 week casting experience.


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You can buy a reusable plastic protective cover for her cast that is waterproof/sandproof. Usually at medical supply stores or maybe contact your doctor's office for a recommentation. These things work really well and are worth every penny. I used one for my leg and my husband had one for his arm. We went swimming, took showers, etc. with no problem. This way she will still be able to join in all the fun and not worry about the cast at all. Have fun and enjoy your vacation.



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Rite Aid carries a cast cover, I bought my son one when he broke his leg. They make them both for arms and legs, they are made for showering and activities that would get cast wet or anything else inside of the cast.

hope this helps
M. (nurse and mother of 5)



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My 2 year old just had his leg cast removed after 7 weeks of it during the summer.. We used the Publix umbrella bags (as you walk in the store) and sealed it with Saran Wrap, it worked great when we bathed him..



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When i was about 9 I had a cast for the summer. My mom got me a waterproof cast cover that worked pretty well. Obvioulsy dont completely submerge it in water or sand, but with that she should go in both without worrying. Sorry I don't remember what they are called but give her doc a call.



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Well my son was about 7 when he fell off the same type of scooter (we should throw them out!), anyway he broke his arm in 2 places. He even went tubing in Rice Lake in Canada. WE did the best we could with plastic bags, we didnt have the sticky saran wrap a few years back....But We would take the blow dryer with us in case he did get it wet. Only thing is when it would get wet, it would itch more and the smell was awful. I wish I had some advice but the only thing I can think of is what we did. About 2-4 tops bags and duct tape for swimming. Dont let the tape touch her skin tho, its horrible and painful to get off. We would just wrap the tape around the bags tight enough, but not blocking off the circulation. Good luck, she still can have fun!

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