Ways to save on Singulair and Nasonex

Updated on March 30, 2011
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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I am looking for ways to save on Nasonex and Singulair prescriptions. We do have insurance, but last time I bought Nasonex it was still $75 I think. I'm not sure how much Singulair is since we got the first month for free, but I have heard it is expensive. THe Nasonex site has a coupon for $15 off and Singulair has one for $20 off. Anything else I can do to save? Do the different pharmacies charge different prices or are prices uniform? Currently we go to Walgreens.


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answers from Dallas on

I know this isnt what you asked but I thought I would through it out there. Have you tried taking a teaspoon of local honey in the morning? It really does help with allergy issues. My son used to take Nasonex (for a year and a half straight) and we started giving him local honey and saline nasal stray and it is awesome. Again just a thought.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Not sure what percentage your insurance covers, but when I bought it for my son a few years ago (and I'm sure prices change)... like 5 years ago or so... it cost me about $30 for the Nasonex. Seems like the Singular was about the same.

I usually use Target or Publix to fill prescriptions, or Walmart. I don't know how their prices compare to Walgreens.

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answers from Dallas on

If you have insurance the amount you pay for drugs is usually based on the co-pay set by the insurance company for that particular drug and what tier it falls into. There is normally a set amount for each tier. It doesn't matter where you fill your prescription, it is the same co-pay There are a few plans that will charge you a % of the drugs costs. You can ask your provider if they have additional coupons or loyalty cards for the drugs you are on. Or you check on-line at internetdrugcoupons.com They have a list of drug program coupon offers and many can be obtained on line. Now if you are paying cash for your prescription drugs, it is best to shop around. There is a wide variety of prices for exactly the same drug. I have found that Costco and Sam's have some of the best prices. And I believe, in Texas you do not need to have a membership card to purchase drugs in the pharmacy.

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answers from Davenport on

Have you tried Flonase instead of Nasonex? It is similar and it does have a generic available (it would be a lot cheaper). It sounds like you have a set copay so I don't think that it would matter what pharmacy you go to. Check out www.nasonex.com, you can save an additional $15 off per month. Merck (the company that makes Singulair) has a patient assistant program but I don't know if you qualify since you have insurance: http://www.merck.com/merckhelps/?WT.svl=3

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answers from Indianapolis on

Please stick with the prescriptions you've received from your physician instead of moving to OTC products.

Each prescription is a completely different chemical, so you may respond well to one and horribly to another. Not all are the same - even generics to brands are not legally required to be direct equivalents.

Check with your insurance to see how your out of pocket expenses work. Most insurances have formularies, an approved list of drugs that they cover at various levels. Generic is always the lowest cost, then, as Susan stated, they have tiers - tier 2 is going to be less expensive than tier 3 because of negotiations between the pharmacy benefit manager (usually the insurance company) and the manufacturer.

Visit the sites for the products and verify their coupon programs. Some coupons are available every time you fill the prescription. Others have a limited offer. Some companies (pharmaceutical) create coupons that will match competitor's prices.

If your insurance is set-up that you pay a percentage of the cost of the medication, start shopping around. All pharmacies make their own prices based upon the AWP - Average Wholesale Price. It's required by law that pharmaceutical companies provide this equivalent to a car's MSRP, then pharmacies choose whether to go above or below. Grocery store pharmacies are usually least expensive. Surprisingly, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club usually fall right into the AWP cost. CVS/Walgreen's tend to be the most expensive. This doesn't apply if you pay a flay co-pay, and most pharmacies will price match their competitors if asked and provided proof of the competitor's cost.

For Nasonex, the coupon is $15 every time you fill the prescription up to $180/year https://www.nasonex.com/nasx/application?namespace=coupon...
For Singulair, the coupon is a one time $20 coupon: http://singulair.com/montelukast_sodium/singulair/consume...

You should also look into programs for Rx drug discounts through TogetherRx (http://www.togetherrxaccess.com/Tx/jsp/home.jsp) and the National Association of School Nurses (http://www.nasn.org/portals/0/membership/prescription_dru....

I'm a long time veteran in the pharmaceutical industry and would be happy to answer any other questions you have - I do not work for the companies that make either of these products (or any allergy medication, for that matter). I hope this information is helpful.


answers from Dallas on

I suggest that you try an over the counter nasal spray called NasalCrom that you can get a Walmart for about 15 dollars. This stuff really works and is safe and cheaper to use without being dependent on your doctor to get it. Only takes a few days for it to kick in. I use it for myself and my young son that suffers from allergies (sneezing, itching throat and eyes).
Best Regards,


answers from Los Angeles on

You can also ask your Doctor for samples. Most doctor offices get lots of samples of different medications, especially allergy & asthma meds. Just explain your situation to your doctor and see if they can help you out a bit with some freebies. Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Have you tried checking Medco Mail Order. My Health insurance last year was United Healthcare and this year it changed to Cigna, and both companies make us use Medco becuz they are cheaper. I don't know how much Nasonex costs but my 8yr old takes Singular 5mg chewables and I think it used to cost us $50 for 30day supply. With Medco it costs us $62.50 for a 90 day supply. So it was significanlty cheaper! I would try Medco.com and you can search by drug name. You will have to register and acct. probably. But if you find they offer something u need alot cheaper all u have to do is print off the order form and drop it off w/your docter and they attatch the prescription to it and fax it off. So its real easy.



answers from Dallas on

Please go to { www.yourrxdiscount.com } and fill out the form and they will send you a card that you can use and it saves you 75% on every prescription that you fill. I Pray that this helps and God Bless you.
Oh, by the way its free you dont have to pay anything to get this card.
Mrs.R. Venegas



answers from Tulsa on

I have used the $20 coupon for singulair which can only be used once. Do you know of any other coupons for singular?

Desperate Mom

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