Washing Machine Shake

Updated on May 21, 2009
L.M. asks from Albany, MN
6 answers

A while back I had read a response someone have given to a question regarding their washing machine shaking. I have a front loading washing machine and it shakes to the point where my light fixtures shake. In the response it stated to use some kind of pods to put under the machine to absorb the shaking. If any of you can remember this or use this product please respond as now I am at the time I would like to purchase them but can not remember what they are called. Thanks

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answers from Madison on

Consumer Reports had an report a few months back about washers including front loaders. It said that there will be more shaking when not on a concrete/solid surface like in a basement. If on a floor that is above ground there will be shaking that spreads beyond the washer. Also, it is good to check if balanced. We've got a front loader too and the report made me feel better about the shaking.



answers from Rochester on

There is a product called Shake Away Pads. They are a couple inches thick so your washer will stand taller than your dryer. I believe they help considerably. I used to live in a trailer house and it calmed the shaking to where it wasn't very noticable unless you were next to the machine.



answers from Sioux Falls on

There should be level adjustments...They are in each corner of the under side of your machine. They unscrew for height control and you can use a level to determine when the machine is. This will eliminate your shakes.



answers from Milwaukee on

I have had the same problem. My husband told me and showed me how to do this. You reach over the top and grab the back. You lift up just the back about an inch then let go. Some of the machines adjust themselves that way. Or you could adjust the bottom by hand by turning the legs. You can also buy wedges at the hardware store if nothing else works.



answers from Minneapolis on


I have this problem when the washing machine is not level.



answers from Des Moines on

If your machine is a Maytag, you can send me the model and I can probably get you some good info. My neighbor and good friend was an engineer with Maytag and was a part of the design for the front-loaders. I send all of my questions his way, and he really understands the machines.

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