Washing a Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag?

Updated on November 26, 2008
E.T. asks from Annapolis, MD
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Hi. I own a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag (tapestry fabric in original style). I am embarrassed to say that after 11/2years... I really need to wash it... and finally getting around it. Have any of you had luck getting your drycleaner to clean it? If so, how? Mine won't do it. He says that he cannot set the drycleaning equipment to be "short cycle" as the label and website recommend. Have any of you had any luck handwashing it? I hate to throw out the bag, but I am cringing at the thought of the bacteria that has built up inside this bag.

I went to the Petunia Picklebottom website and found the following, direct quote:

How come my dry cleaner won’t clean my bag?
We discovered that some dry cleaners are hesitant to dry clean our diaper bags due to the “stabilizer” used in the manufacturing process. They are hesitant because they can’t physically “see” the stabilizer that is sewn between two other fabrics and cannot know how it will react to the dry cleaning process. However, this product has been extensively tested and the stabilizer does not break down during the dry cleaning process. For best results, request a “shortcycle” at your local dry cleaning facility.

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answers from Charlottesville on

If your only other option is to throw the bag out, why not just hand wash it and see how it turns out. If it's well made, it can hold up to a little water and some rubbing.

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answers from Norfolk on

I say throw it in the washer on delicate cycle with some woolite - it should be fine. I find that most labels that indicate dry clean only are fine in the washer with the exception of some fine silk items. Just use a delicate or handwash cycle and then hang out to dry.

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answers from Richmond on

I love the non-toxic cleaners that I use for EVERYTHING! Although I do not have one of those diaper bags to try it on, there is no doubt that a good washing by hand would work. And be just as concerned about the toxins in the cleaners you use as you are about the bacteria on it.

Good luck to you!

Take Care,
N. :) SAHM homeschooling 3 boys and married to my Mr. Wonderful for almost 15yrs. I love to help other moms, who want to become SAHMs, reach that goal!

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