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Updated on March 09, 2011
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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Hello, My hubby and I are discussing our summer vacation. We live in the Kansas City area, his idea is to drive to San Antonio, my idea is Colorado. My big deal is that it will be the last week in June and a million degrees in TX. Colorado is nice and cool!!! Can you give me some ideas of great things to see. I love the mountains, we went there a lot when I was a kid, but my hubby is not a dude ranch kind of a guy. He wants entertainment destinations I was thinking of going to a Rockies game, that would be fun. Any other ideas?


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answers from St. Louis on

We have spent summer vacations in San Antonio. One year during the 4th of July. It is hot but it is a dry heat. It was 105 when we were at the Alamo and only felt like 80 by Missouri standards :) We love San Antonio. The Mission trail is very interesting, the Alamo is just amazing, the River Walk is nice and cool no matter how hot it is and Sea World is fantastic. If you can go to the El Mercado (street vendors and farmers market area) when they are having a street fair, you can get wonderful food and unique gift items for very reasonable prices. Just my two cents but San Antonio is fun!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I lived in Colorado Springs for a year & a half and it was the most beautiful place I've been in my entire life. And so much to do! So some of my ideas:

Pikes Peak (You can drive up or take the cog... I recommend the cog. The drive will scare the poop outta you) Location: Manitou Springs (20 mins away from Colorado Springs)
Garden of the Gods Location: Colorado Springs
Seven Falls Location: Colorado Springs
Royal Gorge Location: Canon City (within 2 hours of Colorado Springs)
Great Sand Dunes Location: Mosca (about 4 hours from Colorado Springs and honestly, rediculously hot)
Cave of the Winds Location: Manitou Springs
Cripple Creek (that's the name of the town)... It's got a bunch of gambling & casinos.
Colorado Springs is also home of the Air Force Academy and a couple large Army bases. Cheyanne Mountain (NORAD) is in Colorado Springs. There is a shopping mall at the north end of the city (Chapel Hills Mall) and one at the southern end (Citadel Mall).

I love love love love loved living there & even though I've seen all these sites, I would love to go back and see them all again. Enjoy your vacation!

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answers from St. Louis on

Colorado Springs has quite abit site seeing type places. Pike's Peak, The Royal Gorge, Garden of the Gods, some other things. Just west of Denver you can drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. THere's different places to stop during that drive. You can go white water rafting. See a rodeo.
Enjoy which ever trip you decide on.



answers from New York on

All you have to do is go on line and search "Tourist attractions in Denver"
or whatever city you are going to. Depending on the area you go to,
there is lots to do. A Rockies game would b e great. I did that when I was in
Denver. We also did a dude ranch and had a ball. It was probably the
best vacation of my life. Initially my husband was hesitant, but he loved it
as much as I did. It was a ranch 90 miles outside of Denver in Granby
Co. - Drowsy Water Ranch. If you decide on Colorado, no matter where
you go you will love it.



answers from Kansas City on

When my son was young, we spent one fantastic week (Sunday afternoon to the following Sunday morning) at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. It is a family destination, with tons of things to do, even a day camp to place the children in for a small fee, so Mom and Dad can have a day to themselves--tons of planned activities such as swimming, mini-golf, archery class, square dance class, and activities every evening that bring the family together. We stayed in a "rustic cabin" which meant that there was a shower and no bath tub, cooked our meals in the full kitchen (pots, pans, refrig, stove, etc. all there, with kitchen, bath and bed linens provided), but we could have stayed in one of the Lodges and eaten in the cafeteria, if we had wanted. Tours, such as rafting and canoeing can be arranged from the Y with a fee. It was one of our most memorable vacations ever, and, really Estes Park is only about a 1 long drive day away from KC. Check them out on the web!

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