Traveling with a New Born!

Updated on February 13, 2009
M.P. asks from Seattle, WA
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Interested in feeback on traveling with a month and half year old. We may be taking a trip to California in mid May. I am due in late March. I have heard this is a great time to fly with an infant as all they do is sleep and eat. It's not necessary the plan ride that concerns my husband but the actual trip. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi M.,

We travelled to the mid-West for Thanksgiving with our 7-week-old. I was prepared for the worst, but he was an absolute dream for the whole week (including flying both directions). He got worked up once when he was tired and wanted to nurse/sleep and it was "extended family picture time" (i.e. chaos) - I put up with that for a few minutes and then said "Enough!" to the picture-takers and took him away to a quiet room; he calmed down immediately.

Could your husband be a little bit worried about successfully executing his role as "travel daddy" to your three-year-old during your trip? You're going to be busy with baby quite a bit, which will leave your husband to do a lot of the things for your daughter that you might otherwise take care of. My husband is a wonderful dad, but he doubts himself from time to time, and sometimes ends up undermining his own ability to do a fantastic job.

If you can, pack a DVD player and stickers and washable markers (or those that only color on special paper) and other quiet activites that your husband can supervise when you need baby time. I hope you have a womderful trip!



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It's up to you, but my #1 suggestion is to request an empty seat when you arrive at the airport. That will allow you to strap in the baby bucket and have your hands available to play with your 3 year old or read a book or whatever helps you travel! :) If there isn't an empty seat available then you'll need to hold/wear your little one and I've felt pretty confined doing this since airline seats are a little crammed anyway.



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Your 3 yr old is going to be more of a challenge than the newborn, as she'll be wanting her own attention while you're juggling a baby, the equipment, luggage and trying to keep her occupied and happy. Get yourself a portable dvd player and some kid flicks for your little girl to watch on the plane and wherever she needs to be entertained and you need some peace and quiet to tend to the baby. If you're not breast feeding, formula now comes in measured tubes of powder that can be emptied into a bottle of water and shook up to dissolve. Use bottled water to minimize any upset stomachs. Disposables are a must, but you need to provide disposable bags for the dirty diapers. Not all places will allow for their disposal. Biohazards. Find out ahead. Make sure you have enough teeshirts and sleepers to last the whole trip, unless you have access to a laundry facility. Snuggli to get thru airports and other places. You'll use a stroller for the 3 yr old to move about those concourses. Because the baby is so young you don't need an additional seat on the plane and carseat for it. If you decide to use a carseat on the plane for the baby you will pay a fare. Your 3 yr old now requires a ticket. Have a pleasant trip!!!



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Oh, M. - I hope you have such fun--. What you want to find is THE snuggly, front-pack, sling or whatever tht is most comfortable for YOU---. I went to a 2nd hand store when I was pregnant with my last child ( I was 36) and took along a 10 lb bag of flour to imitate the weight -. Try 'em out as there are LOTS of different kinds --- Once you find the most comfortable one - that's really the big issue - ( in my experience) --




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Wow! The baby will be quiet and sleep. The biggest thing to worry about is exposure to germs. So take lots of sanitary wipes and prepare to keep the baby away from everybody. Sit in the bulkhead where you will have lots of room to move.

Have a great trip!



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My mom traveled all over the Pacific Rim (mostly s.e. asia)with me in the 70's version of a sling, and our Irish Setter on leash.

My parents friends have taken their infants backcountry (hiking, several weeks out...and yes there actually IS a nurse with the group...but the fallback plan in case of *true* emergency is actually the sat phone).

Several of my close friends are archeologists & anthropologists who take their children with them out in the field starting from their infancy.

One of my friends is a freelance photographer who takes her kids with her everywhere except war zones.

And me? Of course, we travel. What better education?

ALSO of course, most of the migrations of human history have been with the whole family. :)

The 2 big questions:
- Is there safe, drinkable water & shade? no? Don't take them.
- Medical supplies & attention? .. Make sure you bring your own of everything you can legally get a hold of (regardless of where you go) or get your doc to prescribe in an "in case" if you're heading off the beaten track. AKA 2 hours or more away from a hospital.

The 1 BIG piece of advice? Pack light.

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