Travel with 2 Year Old in Greyhound Bus-special Car Seat?

Updated on July 17, 2010
M.M. asks from New York, NY
5 answers

We're traveling for 8 to 13 hrs travel with of course stops for food etc. Also, would my regular booster car seat I use in the car fit in the greyhound bus? pls advise, we may be going this wkend, thanks

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Car seats are not necessary on a bus, but I am sure that it might help YOU to have him restrained. I'd take whatever he is used to having, but I'd call the bus line first to make sure that the seat is wide enough for it.


answers from Minneapolis on

Call to make sure you can have a seating position with a seatbelt. Most buses do no use seatbelts because they use compartmentalization, which is the tall seat backs that are padded, keep people contained in a crash. however with a 2yr old I would secure a seat with a seatbelt on the bus and use his car seat.

Obviously a 2yr old shouldn't be in a belt positioning booster seat and should be in a 5pt harness instead. Call to get a seatbelt seat (usually in the front) an bring a CAR SEAT with 5pt harness for your child.



answers from Chicago on

Buses have a feature called compartmentalization that protects children and that is why they don't typically need child restraints. That being said, when my older boy went to special needs preschool, they did have special carseats that were mostly just like a 5 point harness on his bus that he used. For a 2 1/2 year old, I would probably take the seat. There is one option I thought of that is like a soft backed booster with a harness but cost is like 200 so not really feasible for a single trip.



answers from Gainesville on

I would be taking my car seat. I wouldn't put my toddler in any form of transportation without putting them in the car seat.



answers from Seattle on

I would take the car seat. Your kiddo is used to sitting in it (and not used to sitting in a regular seat). Stick with what he/she knows and your trip should go more smoothly.

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