Tiny Red Dots on Eyelids

Updated on July 19, 2011
A.C. asks from Aurora, IN
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Hi Mamas! My DD (3.5 yrs old) went to the dentist this morning to have a couple cavities filled. Poor thing has her Mama's enamel. Anyway, we did the oral sedation for her to make it more comfortable and they gave her some nitrious to go with it. All routine for this office. Everything went pretty routine. No trouble. She really didn't cry very much at all. No trouble. I noticed though, right off the bat, small (really small) red spots on her eyelids, up to her eyebrow and off the sides of her eyes. There's not a ton of them but they are certainly noticible. They are not elevated, itchy, warm or have heads. There is no blotchy look to them either. It's like someone attacked her eyelids with a super fine-point marker. Except I know they didn't. I called the dentist office about it & the dentist said he's never heard of it and can't imagine what caused it. My sister is a dental assistant at a different office and she said the same thing. So my question, any ideas what it is? I know it's hard because there's no picture.... And I don't think it's busted capillaries, hives or heat rash. Thanks Mamas! (PS-If it's not gone tomorrow morning I'll call her pediatrician and see what they think. My DD is in NO pain from this and there is NO irritation so I don't mind waiting).

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answers from Washington DC on

It sounds like petechiae, or very tiny pinprick bruises (most of the time they are not painful at all) caused by broken blood vessels right under the skin. I have gotten them from coughing to hard, sneezing a lot, hard vomitting etc. If I remember correctly, I had them after I had recent surgery where I needed anesthesia. I am guessing that it is from either the mask being applied or the anesthesia, or the pressure from the dental work. They will fade away in a few days to a week.

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answers from Dallas on

It could be petechiae. My daughter got them all over her body when she got ITP. It's little blood bursts. There was nothing we could do about them and they just went away. They didn't bother my daughter either. Since it's your daughter's eyes, I would call the pediatrician anyway.

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answers from Sacramento on

Maybe she was squinting her eyes shut really hard from that bright light that goes in your eyes?? I get those dots on my eyes when I vomit - that is the only thing that I can think of that they might be.....

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It's what Victoria said. It will go away in a few days.

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answers from Charlotte on

Luv my wonderful life said the same thing I thought when I read your title. And maybe that is called petechiae like Victoria mentioned. (I didn't look it up.) I agree that holding her eyes shut hard might have done it.

You might look up nitrous oxide and the oral sedation medicine (find out exactly what it is) and see if it's an unusual side affect.

The other thing you can do is ask your eye doctor. I have thrown up a lot over my lifetime and this happens to me if I upchuck REALLY hard. I happened to do that the day before a regularly schedule eye exam when I was pregnant years ago, and I asked the doctor about it. (opthamologist) He talked about it with me and told me a lot, but I can't remember what he said!! (So sorry!)


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My daughter got somthing similar around 6 or 7 months but it was a rash of little red dots right below her lower lash line it wasnt painful to her and it was just on one eye.. anywho my aunt told me to wipe her eye with a warm clean wash cloth for a couple of days and it went away and hasn't returned!

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