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Updated on March 29, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I've been hearing that Thinkbaby is a great way to transition baby to sippy cups but I'm confused as to how it will do so when the nipple looks almost exactly like that of a bottle. When it's time to transition to a real sippy cup with a hard spout, won't the baby have the same problem as if he had transitioned straight from the bottle??

Also, my baby loves to drink/slurp out of my cup. Whenever I drink water, he gets all excited and opens his mouth so that I'll let him slurp some out while I tilt but of course this makes a mess and he gags (tho he sitll wants more!). I'm currently trying the Playtex Sippies and he'll sort of drink water from it if I tilt it for him and if I dont put in the valve. Should I just stick to training him this way or should I get the Thinkbaby? Thanks!

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answers from Phoenix on

Personally, I wouldn't waste the time/money on the Thinkbaby ones. They're really just bottles with handles, so it's not actually teaching the child a new skill.
I would either stick with the Playtex sippy without the regulator in it, but let him hold it himself (which means he'll drop/throw it lots, but that's something to tackle later) or go with a soft spout, handled cup like the Munchkin or Nuby ones.
I am a childcare provider, so I've done this transition with LOTS of kids (and my own). Typically, you want to introduce water in a sippy cup around 9 months and just let them figure it out. You can hold it the first few times so they get the idea that water comes out of it, but then let them do it. Even if they're not drinking much of anything, they're learning the new skill of holding and drinking from a cup. It takes time, but it will happen. I like to start with a soft spout cup at 9 months and then switch to a hard spout without a regulator around 11 months. Once I hear them sucking the milk from the cup on a regular basis, I put the regulator back in to help reduce the mess.
Also, don't worry about your baby not getting enough liquid and dehydrating when you finally do stop the bottles all together and only offer sippy cups. Kids drink MUCH less from cups than they did from their bottles and that's ok. It's how it's supposed to be, since they're no longer drinking for nutrition, just thirst. If a few days go by and your baby has only had a few ounces, don't worry and don't go back to the bottle! Just give him the cup more often and he'll be fine. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

My kids never used "sippy" cups. I used the Nuby kind with the flexible straws. They both were very young (under a year) when we started and both naturally knew how to suck from the straw. The straws are better for the kids teeth and do not cause any type of confusion with the concept of a regular cup. The bonus was we did not have to wean them off anything and the straw type cups can be closed completely so if the child drops them or throws them they do not leak. I would definitely give them a try!


answers from Barnstable on

There is also a company called Tilty Cup - they designed a cup that eliminates the need to bend their heads way back to drink.


answers from St. Louis on

With my daughter, I had several types of sippie cups - ones with just the soft nipples, ones with valves, different shapes and brands. I started her on them at 9 months and then at 11 months, weaned her off. It was not something I did on purpose. I asked my SIL (who was her sitter) to give her a sippie cup instead of bottle during the day (and I breastfed at night). At the end of the work week, I found out she had not had a bottle all week so I knew she was good with the sippie cups.

We still have use them with her (she's 2.5) but that is mostly to contain spills. She does drink out of an open cup or straw sometimes too.

I think ThinkBaby is just an expensive sippie cup honestly. I recommend whatever one you get, buy several of them incase you lose or misplace a valve or nipple.



answers from Salt Lake City on

ANY sippy cup is just a BOTTLE IN Disguise..
Its preventing flow unless sucked.
Therefore, the baby actually is NOT learning to "sip"
You should either pull out the sucker-drip-stopper device, or buy a simple plain kind from the dollar store that is just limiting what can drip out (3 holes, basic design that they used 60 years ago)



answers from Norfolk on

I am going through a difficult time transitioning my 22mo old daughter to drink her milk from a sippy cup. We used 'transitional' bottles like you did, but in the long run it has caused us a long delayed transition to a 'true' sippy. I did opt for Nuby style spouts because they were softer.

My friends advised me to just give my child a sippy and stick to it around 9mo - year. I wish I had because I am finding it really hard to wean her twice over!

Good luck.

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