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Updated on June 02, 2011
X.M. asks from Chesterfield, MO
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Hey moms! Just wanted to know what table foods are good to start with. My son is 10 months old. I gave give little pieces of melon and he almost choked! So what else can I try. He has already had puffs and cheerios, so he can do it just fine. But I don't know what to start with. Thanks for all your help ! :)

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answers from Dover on

Scrambled eggs, bananas, baked potatoes, anything mushy really because he's still pretty tiny.

I know a lot of people are very gung-ho about only serving their kids all-natural items. I agree it's possibly better for them in the long run, but everything in moderation has always been my motto. I do not buy only organic products, I do not shop in health food stores whatsoever. My kids also are never sick, literally have not gone to the pediatrician on the sick side since infancy and are now 12 & 10 years old, nor do they have any cavities. We make good choices, eat plenty of fruits & veggies, drink plenty of water, do not have dessert every single day, but we still order pizza once a week & I bake something desserty every single weekend. To each their own I guess!

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answers from Eugene on

Cut up bits of whatever you are eating that he is interested in whether it is a mashed carrot, potatoes or hamburger. At this stage mashed is good. Apple sauce rather than apples.
Puffs and cheerios are okay but they are loaded with Genetically Modified Organisms which means they are not fit for nutrition. Read up on GMO's.Not what Monsanto writes but why did the European Union ban them. Yes no American grains and other foods are permitted in Europe so that the population does not come down with endless CANCERS and teenaged diabetes.
Buy all your food at the health food store. Make it ALL biological. That is what I did and my children had three fillings between them and were rarely sick.
Yes MOM's you will tell me it is expensive. No it is cheap to eat that way since you don't pay doctor bills or dentists. I always put my money into the food. I lived on a woman's salary after I became a single mother.
And, of course I did not wear beautiful fashionable clothes until my children were grown up and out of college.
Are my children healthy today. Yes, and so are their children.

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answers from Boston on

Watermelon is more watery than cantaloupe or honeydew - start with that. Raspberries? I know they aren't cheap but he won't eat a lot! Soft bread or french toast cut up in small bites. A piece of hardboiled egg - hard to pick up but you can feed it to him. Tiny pieces of cut up grape - a half a grape is too large. Scrambled eggs. Sweet potatoes - well cooked. Peas. I would start with these and skip meats and tougher veggies (no beans, broccoli, etc.) - too hard to chew even if you boil all of the nutrition out of them.

The mom who posted about GMO has a good point. There is also a TON of sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup) in our foods, and we have epidemic rates of childhood obesity, tooth decay, and other illnesses in our kids. So starting your child out with good habits is important. Our country does allow ridiculous things in our foods - I tend to look at what Germany and Australia allow, as they are much more stringent on ingredients but also manufacturing techniques. Try to buy LOCAL rather than something that was picked 3 weeks ago, gassed to preserve shelf life, and trucked across the country. It doesn't have any nutrition in it - a lot of our fruits and veggies are reduced as much as 40% in nutritive value from those eaten a generation ago. So what's in the health food store may be more nutritious than what's in the supermarket, but less nutritious than what's from your local farm, organic or not.


answers from Chicago on

DS gets pieces of what we eat. Anything that's soft and she can gum and swallow.
Steamed veggies, pasta, meat (in small pieces - she loves steak and chicken!), scrambeled eggs....

I'd avoid melon, grapes, chips and stuff like that until he's got more experience.


answers from St. Louis on

We just started with stuff we ate. Mac and cheese, rice, lunch meat. Really we give our 10 month old just about everything we eat at the table.



answers from Louisville on

mandarin oranges in 100% juice are very easy for them to eat, you could try a pancake cut into very small bits, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, ripe banana cut up or mashed.

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