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Updated on September 03, 2010
T.M. asks from Saint Johns, MI
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Is there any law that says that children that live in the same home should not be put in the same class room? My daughter was enrolled in a different school system and they put her in the same class with her step sister. When she was in the other school they were in the same class, but the ex and the mother of the other child was not married at that time. Her teacher said if she had known they lived in the same house it would have never happened. My daughter goes to gymnastics with the step sister, sleeps in the same house, has to go to the friends house with her, it's enless. They will be together 24/7. Is this good? I am going to talk to the school tomorrow. I didn't even know she was enrolled til Monday!!!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

All of my kids are in the same class, we homeschool. Pioneer days siblings sometimes didn't see any other person, let alone another unrelated/related (apart from sibs) for months. Imagine that! :) It might bring them closer. I like what was said about the secret languages and stuff. Soo, unless they have issues now that are not good, then don't sweat it. If they don't get along, maybe this is the opportunity to have them start getting along. Have fun!

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answers from Houston on

That's insane. My sister and I took classes all the time, but that was 10 years ago.



answers from Eugene on

I know 2 sets of twins one mom wanted them together, the other didn't. They both got what they wanted. There isn't a law, just schools following parents wishes at least our schools. Their requests were done before the classes are made up, but they could be. Considering you weren't able to do this, you should be able it change, now. They hate changing kids when school starts, it must be a lot of paper work. Or a different number of students in each class. Does that matter compared to girls being together 24/7? This is a good reason, for a kid to switch class, keep bugging them. They could of noticed the same address and it wouldn't of happen in the first place. They need to fixed it.



answers from New York on

My cuz and I did everything together, same age. We also had created our own language. So when we started school our parents seperated us, so we can socialize and not break our bond but be more individual. Do whatever is comfortable for the girls.



answers from Anchorage on

Is it you or her that has a problem with this? If she is fine being with her sister than I would let it be, but if she is the one who came to you wanting a different class, than talk with the school.



answers from Indianapolis on

We had custody of my hubbies kids, and so we had almost two sets of twins.........we tried to keep them apart for different reasons........mostly because they were different and so were the teachers..........but it can be too much if they are together all the time........more importantly, they become their own person by being separated instead of someones brother or sister, or whatever.........

It's really up to you........I don't think there is a law to stop it though......

Good Luck...



answers from Detroit on

you can request her not to be in the same class as the other.



answers from New York on

No, there is no law that forbids siblings of any type from being in the same class. I think it would be preferable for them to be in separate classes, but if you're saying you didn't know one of the kids is enrolled in school, but they live in the same house 24/7, then it sounds pretty clear that you are not the custodial parent. If you are not the custodial parent, then you have no authority to request a class transfer. If I've misunderstood something, then I apologize



answers from Boston on

You sound soooooo mad. Does she not want to be her step sister 24/7 ??? I understand, they need a brake from each other.


answers from Dover on

Typically siblings are not put in the same class. When my son was young, they didn't put him in a class with a certain boy because they had the same last name and they thought they were related. I personally think that is a whole lot of togetherness so even if the girls are ok with it, I can see where problems could happen both at home or at school.



answers from San Francisco on

I have seen it work both ways. Once, I had triplets in my classroom even though there were four classrooms of third grade.

I am friends with twins who have the same age children. They have always asked to have their children in different classrooms until this year because they specifically did not want one teacher and they both wanted the other teacher.

You will just need to ask, at the end of each year, for the girls to be separated. But, I don't think it is a huge deal either way. The triplets I mentioned earlier all did very well and had their own friends.It's really going to be how you handle the situation which will determine how the girls feel about this.

One last thing, don't go barging into the school angry. The school obviously did not know what the situation was, as the teacher has already said. The school may be able to change their classrooms but probably will only do so if they feel their backs are not to the wall.

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