Spit up and Skin Rash

Updated on February 05, 2011
N.O. asks from Yeagertown, PA
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I have a 3 month old boy and he has been spitting up like crazy I mean at every feeding and long after feedings. He eats between 7-8 onces every four hours. I have tried cutting his formula back but he still spits up the same. At first his spit up was mucousy and it seemed like when he spit up and it got on his skin he would get a rash right away. We switched him to soy and the spit up wasn't mucousy anymore, but he still continued to spit alot. He rash seemed liked it improved but not for long. I use cetaphil on him twice a day and cortizone cream on his face for the the rash as it has cleared up on his body for the most part. My ped. wanted to try Nutramigen we tryed it for two weeks he really didn't change in his spit up or his rash. My ped then ordered a barium swallow to check for reflux that came back no. I am not sure what to do about the spitting up and the rash is it a allergy? The Nutriagen made his bowel movements very loose and very stinky.

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well my daughter had colic and had spit up every single feeding and ate a lot i talked to her pedi and he told me to add some rice cereal to her bottle about a teaspoon to about 3oz of forumula and after that did not work he switched to to a similac formula called allimentum and it stopped

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I wonder if he does have reflux. My daughter had reflux and the barium swallows were all normal, only the EGD showed the reflux. It is where they put them under mild sedation and put a tube down their throat and look at the esophagus and stomach. She also seemed to be sensitive to dairy and soy. Luckily I had breastfed her so I didn't have to worry about the formulas. She also lived with a rash for the first 8 months of her life. Aquafor and Lanolin helped and finally the allergist recommended a hypoallergenic lotion only found behind the counter at the pharmacy and very pricey, but it helped. That along with occasional Robathol oil in the bath helped the rash. She continued to spit up tho and I thought it would never end, finally it slowed down and got much better after she was a year old. Sorry I don't have any advice on the formula, I know my Mom had terrible problems with formula as an infant and they finally put her on goat's milk mixed with a few things to make it like formula and she did so much better on that. I know goats milk is closer to human milk than cows milk so that might be something to think about. Good luck!

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Hi N.,

Goat's milk is a good alternative. It is most like mother's breast milk. We put my niece on it and her spitting up ended almost immediately. We mix 2 parts goat's milk, 2 parts water and 2 parts juiced carrots for fiber and nutrients. Remember at this stage your little one needs to be burped almost every ounce swallowed. If he's getting the proper nutrition, the rash should go away. Formula has synthetic additives as well as sugars and oils. Be careful with the cortizone cream as it can begin thinning bones, even with one application.

Hope this helps.




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It could be a dairy/soy allergy. Sometimes little ones digestive system can not handle dairy or soy. My daughter is allergic to dairy, while she didnt spit up, it did cause her to get a skin rash (eczema). He could have reflux. I'm not to familiar with barium testing thought.



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You may have tried it, but if not, Aquafor or vaseline. My kids are both rashy. My one son is almost 8 months and his chin and neck are often rashy and the aquafor clears it up. Maybe he's not so much allergic to the spit up as sensitive to the wetness. (That's how my baby is.) Aquafor (the tub of really greasy feeling stuff in the regular section, not the baby section--the baby section stuff has fragrance added and is a lot more expensive) or even vaseline should help with that. Also, Aquafor makes a baby soap I like but be sure all soap is rinsed with clear water after his bath. And put the aquafor on right after the bath each day to seal in the moisture, and if he has the rash, put it on several times a day where it's bad. Also, I would use laundry detergent for sensitive skin and don't use any stain remover products--I think these make my son worse. Make sure his blanket for tummy time is washed in the sensitive skin laundry stuff, as well as any clothes on you that he's up against a lot. Don't let him on the carpet without a blanket under him. These things helped my kids, but sometimes the rashiness just comes for no good reason and i'm never sure what to do about it. My kids have/had eczema, which isn't an allergy to anything specific. He may outgrow it around a year old or so like my older son did. (But then he may end up with lots of allergies like my older son. Apparently his allergist said that eczema as a baby often means a kid will develop allergies.) If the rash is eczema or sensitive skin, hopefully this advice helps.



answers from Seattle on

I don't know anything about formula, just that some babys are hard to find a compatible formula. For spit up rash, try putting petroleum jelly or baby chap stick (Boudreaux's Baby Kisses) on skin before feeding and after baby is done spitting up. Also, could baby have reflux?

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