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Updated on July 31, 2009
L.M. asks from Long Valley, NJ
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My daughter is spitting up after some feedings. She is choking on the spit up. Any ideas? Going to the ped. tomorrow but wanted some feedback to help with visit.

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answers from New York on

L., My sis recently experienced something similiar w/her 1-2 mo old, KEY to a speedy diagnosis is if the vomiting is"PROJECTILE" (best way I can describe) or as they say "FORCEFUL". Altho my sis' went immediately -- it took more than a week for the Dr's to decide to schedule an MRI(& my sis has great insurance). MRI showed: PYLORIC STENOSIS, Don't worry-- it's not as serious as it sounds tho could require surgery as was the case w/my niece. I've read it could be hereditary, common in boys & first born tho not the case w/my sisters "2nd born baby girl". Ask your Dr. A...S...A..P as time is of the essence. The key word as I said earlier, "projectile" meaning your baby is not simply "spitting up" & why any Dr., in my opinion, should know this sooner than later rather than wasting precious time: "try changing the formula" & other avenues they FIRST explored ie: "could be the breast milk" etc. etc. as time is wasted the baby could dehydrate! As for Pyloric Stenois, its a condition that involves a stomach muscle/digestive system. My niece went thru surgery & spent a few days in hospital tho is doing fine Thank God. I hope this info is helpful, I pray it all works out. BELOW is an excerpt from one of MANY articles on the topic (googled)
ANSWER: Pyloric stenosis, a condition that affects the gastrointestinal tract during infancy, isn't normal — it can cause your baby to vomit FORCEFULLY and OFTEN and may cause other problems such as DEHYDRATION and salt and fluid imbalances. Keep reading to understand why getting IMMEDIATE TREATMENT for pyloric stenosis is so important.



answers from New York on

Is she drinking to fast? You can try the slow flo nipples so she can drink slower therefore allowing her to digest easier. Also, try to burp her more often that will slow down her feedings and try to keep her upright when you feed her. I have a few babies at my daycare that were spitting up a lot so the doc suggested a small amount of cereal in the formula to help hold it down. I wouldn't do anything like that until you check with your doc. Spitting up is normal, she could also have some reflux. If she is spitting alot then the doc may want to change formula, or put her on something for reflux. I am sure the doc will make sure she is gaining properly and the spitting up is not interfering. I wouldn't worry I am sure she is fine. Good luck at the doc.


answers from New York on

Hi L.,

It could be reflux. No one can really say until you take her to the doctor. Good Luck! :)



answers from New York on

At 4 months my son started to spit up severe after feedings. It was reflux. Because of his size (he was 4.9lbs at birth) she put him on pepcid. He was losing weight. Most babies spit up and have some relux but don't need meds if not a problem for them. What are you feeding her? If its formula you may want to switch. I breastfeed but give formula on occasion. I switched formula to a more sensitive one. Alimentum. It helped. And when he started eating I gave him cereal with probiotics. He's almost 7 lbs now and spits up when he over eats. He loves his food!



answers from New York on

Check her position qhen she's eating + right afterqard. Keep her up not lying down.

Maybe its the anount she's getting. Sometimes when my baby eats too much from breast or bottle, he spits up. Esp if he didn't burp!

Or it could be something in the feeding.



answers from New York on

A agree with some of the other mom's:

Make sure she is not eating too fast

Stop her every two ounces to burp or more frequently if necessary

Keep her upright for at least 10-15 minutes after eating and no bouncing around

I never met a baby that didn't spit up. Is it just the normal spit up or is she vomiting up the whole bottle every feeding? There are other formula specifically for problems such as excessive gas, fussiness, spitting up. Talk to the ped about it.

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