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Updated on July 24, 2008
B.L. asks from Seattle, WA
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So I seem to have pulled a muscle BETWEEN my legs. No, not my groin, but the muscles (if there are any) around my private parts. I believe I did it swimming laps. I am 27 weeks pregnant and, of course, feeling less and less graceful by the minute. I'm fairly certain it's nothing serious but it's uncomfortable when I walk up stairs and or try to put on my pants (one leg at a time) and sometimes when I'm just still. Has anyone else experienced this?

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So What Happened?

First, thank you to everyone who responded! It's always good to know I'm not alone! :)

My "injury" happened about 10 days ago but, even though I laid off the exercise, it seemed to get worse, not better. And it began to be triggered by simple walking and sometimes just started throbbing when I was asleep. Throughout it, though, I was regularly feeling the baby kick and squirm so I wasn't too worried that she was being harmed in anyway. I found absolutely nothing helpful in What To Expect While You're Expecting which was/is disappointing.

Our regular monthly checkup with the OBGYN was yesterday and she determined I was having pubic symphysis dysfunction. In other words, the normal separation of the cartilage of my pubic bone caused by pregnancy hormones is causing me pain. She suggested Tylenol (the pregnant woman's savior) and a heating pad. And I've started swimming again. If it gets worse, she will send me to physical therapy (just what I need, more doctors!). For now, I'm just glad to hear it's nothing more serious.

I did a litle digging and found one good description of the condition on line. I would caution it is not "medical advice" (probably why I understand it) but it might help anyone else out there feeling this. (you may have to copy and paste the site into your browser). Oh, and the doctor promises me it happens to women of all shapes and sizes so you can ignore the "plus size pregnancy" moniker. Thanks again everybody!

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I have had this pain when pregnant with my first two (although not with this one, maybe because he hasn't been head down?), and I don't think it's a pulled muscle, it's probably caused by the pubic symphysis, where the pubic bone meets and has a seam, moving and even separating a bit. I know it hurt worst when I was on one leg, like putting on pants or going up or down stairs, like you said. Talk to your ob about it, although I don't think there's much they can do, but they may want to rule out any other problems. Some friends of mine have suffered this pain to an almost debilitating degree, and seeing a chiropractor can help. If you google pubic symphysis or pelvic pain in pregnancy you can get some helpful information.

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If it was pulled during swimming you can use homeopathic Arnica Montana 30 or 200C potency. Available in Super Supplements, Vitaminlife, Whole Foods and PCC. Just don't drink coffee while it heals for a few days. If you do that and it does not help, something more specific/individualized to you will be needed.
Best of luck,
Liz Brandegee
Classical Homeopath



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I totally did that when I was about 32 weeks pregnant! Just grin and bear it and try to be very careful when you turn over in bed so you don't continue to aggravate it.



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Hi B.,

I had the same thing when I was swimming pregnant with our first son,and it happened at about the same time in my pregnancy. I think it is just that your body is getting ready to deliver. I continued to swim despite the pain- not hard mind you, until the day before the baby was born, as it was the best relaxation I could get. I loved the feeling I had in the water as I got bigger and bigger, especially because I could move so much more easily. I also gained a lot of weight with my first son, so swimming really helped me to stay mobile. Don't really have any advice on what to do for the pain, but as I had a very difficult second pregnancy (in the hospital for 7 weeks before he was born 7 weeks early), I was told by the doctor that if you are really hurting, you put stress on the baby, so it is okay to take some pain medication.

Good luck and keep swimming!



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I did not experience this type of pain during pregnancy, but have been dealing with a lot of pelvic floor pain after delivery. I waited far too long for it to go away on its own(8 months), and encourage anyone experiencing this type of pain to talk to your OB sooner than later! In my case physical therapy has been helping. It seems like pregnancy yoga might help as well. Taking care of whatever is causing the pain may also help with a smoother delivery of your baby. Good luck!



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I have never experienced this pregnant just post baby and it hurts so bad... I am so sorry you are having the pain pregnant no fun! I eventually had to get adjusted by my chiropractor to eget rid of the pain. I have not had the pain since (I suffered for about a year of on and off flairs before I finally went in).



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Obviously you should check with your doctor for his or her opinion regarding your pain.

But in my case, during the last trimester of one of my pregnancies, I had a lot of soreness and pain in that area also. The doctor said it was due to weak pelvic muscles and the weight and pressure of the pregnancy. I gained about 35 lbs. during that pregnancy. And I must have been carrying low, as I recall. I was so sore that walking or even trying to roll over in bed was very difficult and painful.

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