Small Oval Rash on 11 Month Old Neck

Updated on March 02, 2010
J.B. asks from Fairfax, VA
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Last week I noticed a small oval rash on the back of my 11 month old neck. I took her to the doctor and they said it may be ringworm, but they were not 100% sure. Although it is not circular in shape, just red and oval (looks more like burn mark) l. I have been placing Lotrimin on the area as told by her pediatrician, but the rash looks redder and larger with the Lotrimin. Has anyone had this experience before? I will be taking her back this week if not better.

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So What Happened?

I took my daughter back to her doctor today, and a different doctor looked at her and said it was eczema. I am now applying a prescription strength cortisone creme. I noticed a difference with just one application! Thanks ladies for all your responses!

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It sounds like something is rubbing against her back, maybe a tag, or something she sits in or lays in? I have found that bag baum and udder cream (sold at drug stores like CVS) work on almost anything when all else fails. I have used it on the toughest rashes on my kids from infant through childhood and had good results. You can also use Eucerin. Lotrimin is for yeast, and I imagine it would be irritating on a small child. I would counteract it with Eucerin on top of it. Same with a layer of hydrocortisone and Eucerin.

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It sounds like ringworm to me. My son had it, looked like a burn, got bigger over time. We got an ointment at the drugstore, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Lotrimin. It stopped growing and took a long time to go away (maybe 6 to 8 weeks instead of the 4 it said on the package). I think if it's getting bigger either it's something else, or you need something else to treat it. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Unless you're sure it's NOT lyme, have her tested for that just in case. It's just a blood test, and with lyme, its better safe than sorry. Good luck!



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ok, so it looks like a burn mark, it is possible that it is a burn mark?
is it possible that its not a germ , but actually a bacteria, or a fungus?
have the doctor check out these possibilites or the allergy angle
K. h.



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When I read the title of your post I immediately thought "ringworm". My daughter had it for a very long time (no kidding a year) because, despite the fact that the pediatrician warned me it would take a long time to get rid of it, I kept forgettting after a couple of weeks to keep putting the cream on. (it was at the lower outer edge of her butt cheek so we just didn't have to look at it all the time.) Hers was like a red outline oval, pretty much normal within the margins but the edge was pink/red and sometimes angry as it was itchy and her underwear rubbed there. Over time the oval grew in size from say half an inch in length to perhaps 2 inches in length.
Since yours is on the neck it is less easily forgotten, but it might take weeks for the cream to take effect.
Just be sure it's not a Lyme disease bulls eye rash!



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could be eczema. my daughter had an oval like that too. it didnt look dry but the cream he gave her cleared it up soooo quick.



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I have something called circular eczema, that looks like ringworm. If her rash isn't getting better with lotrimin, it could be this.



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If your daughter has been outside much, check the pictures on this website that shows photos of Lyme disease rashes.

If you have any reason to suspect a tick bite is possible (you may never see the actual tick), get her tested. Lyme Disease is curable if treated early. If you wait too long, it can become systemic and cause a wide range of symptoms.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'm surprised the pediatrician didn't recommend you see a dermatologist for confirmation of the source of the rash.

One thing I like about our pediatrician is that he knows his limitations when it comes to dermatological disorders and doesn't have the expertise to distinguish between something relatively benign and something more concerning- so he refers us for a better assessment.

If it's not getting better with Lotrimin, it's likely not a fungal infection, and I'd be calling the pediatrician's office and asking for another appointment to find out for certain what is causing it.

Trust your instincts. If you think it needs to be follow-up upon, don't let it drop.

Good luck.

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