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Updated on May 22, 2010
V.W. asks from Hermitage, TN
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What sippy cups do you use? I've tried 3 kinds and she just wants to chew on them instead of drink.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I'm just going to buy a variety and see what she will use. I bought some of the Nuby with the hard spout from Walgreen's for $1 each, but she just wants to chew on it.

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answers from Florence on

I have a three year old and a 22 month old. They are already drinking from straws, so just imagine how time will fly for you!! I started both of mine on those disposable type sippy cups. They come in all different colors and the lids just snap on. I would give them to the kids when they were in the bath, so they didn't ruin their clothes at first. I guess my daughter started using hers well when she was about seven months, but my son didn't get into his until around eleven months. Moral of the story....give it time! :)

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answers from Florence on

Eric loves the Nuby sippys, the ones without that second piece in the top, and the ones with. The ones I got were .97 cents at wal mart



answers from Portland on

Since I am a "lazy" mom...and was tired of fussing with stoppers and flow pcs and different apperati that comes with different sippy cups and keeping them all organized and seperate... I just started using the basic cup and lid that has a little spout.. no stoppers.. they do leak a little when jiggled around and you have to teach the child to set them upright... but that just leads into how you use a regular cup. The cups themselves come in 6-7 colors and the lids are (were when I bought them over a year ago) green and yellow. If the lid is not on, it is just like a cup, no rigid twisty screw ridges to get in the way of normal drinking. There are chew marks on the spout... but they are cheap enough that it does not matter, they really last. I think they are or were made by the first years... I got them at Babies R Us... If you get them at the grocery store, the brand may be different and not compatable with another type of lid or cup.
Upon setting up for going out with a bag... I use the press and seal suran wrap on the (just over the spout part) lid so it will not leak en route.



answers from Jackson on

I tried many, many different kinds of cups. She might be having a hard time drinking from the cup because of the no-spill lid. My daughter will only drink out of the take-and-toss cups with a hard spout. They aren't spill proof, but with practice she has learned to set it down upright. I found some at Target that are made by gerber that the lid screws on so when it gets dropped the top won't fly off (the lids have animal faces on them).



answers from Pittsburgh on

Nuby sippy cups are inexpensive and durable. They don't leak if you line them up the right way. They also now have the replacement spouts for several of their sippy cups. Buying the spouts means you don't have to throw away perfectly good cups and you can usually get two spouts for the price of one sippy cup. The longer you keep the sippy cups out of the landfills, the better. Just go to google and type in nuby replacement spouts or and do the same. You can find them online in many stores and on Ebay and Amazon. Amazon is very pricey because of their shipping requirements. They will chew on the spouts even though they aren't supposed to, but these spouts seem to last a decent amount of time.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

My daughter only chewed on the NUBY's too and tore them to pieces with her teeth. I use the Gerber hard spout with no spill insert thing. You have to put something in it that she likes to drink and you may even have to act or even suck it first and then she will follow. A child loves to mimic his/her mother. Good Luck!



answers from Chattanooga on

Hi there, V.!

My little one was born about a week before yours, so we're at the same stage, it seems. :-)

We have tried 5 or 6 different kinds of sippy cups and Annalise doesn't seem to like any of them very much. The ones she likes best, are the Nuby sippy cups, but they're difficult to get the lid screwed on right without it leaking. They're the most like her bottle (Avent with the variable flow nipple), so I think this is why she'll use them.
review found here:

She actually prefers sports bottles over everything else. She drinks out of the Gatorade and Propel sport bottles best and she seems to prefer them, but she will drink out of any kind of water or sports bottle. I wish they made miniature sports bottles with the Propel/Gatorade style lip-shaped spout! That would be perfect for my little one.

Another sippy that she will drink out of is the Gerber Nuk Sippy cup with the soft spout like this one:
Good luck finding what works!



answers from Nashville on

Hi, V.,

My favorite thus far, and by far, is made by THE FIRST YEARS. Ours have Sesame Street characters all around the cup. The top is durable enough to withstand chewing, there is NO valve, and it never leaks! I think I bought them at Publix.

I also liked the green inserts that work with Avent bottles. They are very durable and both my kids drank well from them right away.

Those take-and-toss cups are handy. They last forever and the spouts withstand a lot of chewing yet still work. (The top just snaps on, though, so your daughter probably isn't ready for them -- the top WILL come off when she drops or throws it to the floor.)

My son loves to chew his sippies, too. My daughter never did that I can recall. Some people are more "oral" than others, so your daughter very well may continue doing this, just because that's "her thing." I've tried lots of different cups looking for the easiest to clean/different kinds of valves, etc. My favorite are the ones with NO valve. (I appreciate knowing they are really clean, plus it's one less thing to mess with and keep track of!)

Good luck finding what works best for your Brittany.



answers from Mobile on

The Nuby ones from Walmart are the best, BUT don't get the ones with the handles or the sippy part in the center of the top (sports bottle). The best ones are the cheapest ones and they unfortunately don't come with a lid, but their spout is at the edge. These are the only ones that don't eventually leak! I've had major disasters with the other two involving juice and a supermarket, such fuN! The great thing about them is that biting on them will get the liquid to flow! My daughter is teething so she loves to bite on anything! She also can drink from straw, but not a sippy cup (go figure)!



answers from Birmingham on

I love the nuby's. My son is almost 5 years old, and we still use them for the car, and when he goes to school. They are spill proof, and really cheap, so if you loose them, no big deal! The spout is also hard, so it's pretty hard to chew them up. Plus, since they're so cheap, even if they do get chewed on, it doesn't really hurt anything.



answers from Knoxville on

Nuby-you get them at Wal-Mart for like 1.50 they are the best!! The only ones any of my kids will use. They are cheap so if you lose one it's not a big deal.Aolt of other moms I know say the same thing.
Good Luck!~N. J.
p.s-Have you tried putting juice in a cup and only milk in a bottle? Thats how I always got mine to switch.



answers from Kansas City on

It looks like you've already gotten alot of opinions. I guess I'll be different - I've always liked the PLAYTEX with the hard tops. My little boy chewed on these too but it never affected the flow of the liquid. All the others that we tried, he would just chew on them and the valve would come out or eventually nothing would come out of the cup. So, this is why I recommend the PLAYTEX. Also, I've used THE FIRST YEARS, these don't use a valve insert into the lid - which works great when they want to chew and it makes for easier cleaning too. :) Good luck!!



answers from Memphis on

Hi V.,
I have an 8month old i am also a 1st time mommy. and I started my daughter just a few weeks ago on the sippy cup and the nibble cups she would just bite on the nipple and in up more on her then in her mouth. I have been useing the advent cup and just working with her. I try to put her formula in the sippy cup atleast once a day and she drinks it fairly well (by no means has she mastered it yet)but it seems to work for us.


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