Singulair for Treating Ear Infections???

Updated on March 29, 2010
L.F. asks from San Clemente, CA
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My pediatrician just prescribed singulair for 30 days to treat my daughter's ear infection. She is 3yrs old and her first ear infection was in January. She has been on antibiotics twice and still has some fluid in her ear. Her nose and sinuses seem totally clear and I am nervous about giving her this drug. Has anyone else been prescribed singulair for this purpose? What did you do?

Thank you?

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answers from Washington DC on

My son is on zyrtec (same type of medicine) for the same reason. He had 4 ear infections in a row and we were going to see an ENT about tubes but since being on the zyrtec he hasn't had 1 ear infection.

I also have 3 other friends with the same experience.

I think its definintely worth a shot!

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answers from Seattle on

I would try chiropractic. If you read other posts about ear infections, you will see how many people agree. I don't know why they would use singulair, but I haven't researched it. I have seen many kids in my chiropractic office stop having them or get better faster (including one of my own children) over the last 15 years!

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answers from Los Angeles on


Ok, here's the deal. Ear infections are usually caused by diet...and the inability to drain the eustacian canal. I would try this WAY before doing the Singulair or even antibiotics.

1. NO DAIRY for 2 weeks.
2. NO SUGAR for 2 weeks.
3. 2 PB8 (probiotic from nutrition now) - one in the am and one in the pm - you can opne teh cpasule, if she can't swallow pills.
4. Echinacea/Goldenroot (4 droppers of it daily) from Herbs for Kids
5.) Therapeutic dosages of vitamin A and D for a WEEK (30,000iu of A with 3,000iu of D).

Let me know how fast it works. You'll be amazed.

The other thing that works really well, if you are open-minded, is chiropractic adjustments.

Here are all of the links to make this easy on you:

Herbs For Kids:
Vitamin A:

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answers from Jacksonville on

I would request an alternate medication. Singulair is typically given for allergy symptoms (post-nasal drip, sneezing, etc that comes with hay fever - allergic rhinitis)... and it has some very scary stories. Not trying to scare you- my son was on it for 2 months at age 7 for allergies - but it started giving him a stomach ache, so we discontinued it.

There was a lot of media attention on this drug about 2 yrs ago, if I remember correctly, b/c it was associated with an increased rate of suicide (obviously in older patients than your daughter).
I assume the doc prescribed it to dry out her sinuses so that the eustachion (sp?) tubes can dry out and get rid of the ear infection... all that stuff is connected you know. But I would ask for an alternative treatment if it were my own child, knowing what I know now.

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answers from Tulsa on

acually makes sense to me other wise the antibiotic will send fluid back to the nose and the nose clears up and goes back to the ears. runny nose comes with allergies and if it doesn't go out it will go to the ears.

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answers from Los Angeles on

don't know about Singulair but try googling "serrapeptase" its natural and can cure ear infections but also is a blood thinner so if your child has a bleeding problem this would not be for her.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi L.,

What we do for our girls on the rare occassions they have some ear infection is put a couple of drops of garlic oil in their ear. It's a home remedy that works really well. We get the garlic oil from our local Whole Foods Market. It wouldn't hurt to try. Let her lie down on her side, put the drops in, and have her stay in that position for about 5 minutes. Put a cotton ball in to absorb the moisture that's going to come out. Do this a couple of times. With our girls, the infection goes away by the 2nd day and sometimes, by the next day. The antiobiotics have compromised her immune system already so trying another way (without the drugs) might help bring her immune system back up. Good luck and I sincerely hope your daughter's ear infection goes away.



answers from Los Angeles on

I do not like antibiotics, I try to go very natural on almost everything when possible. A little trick (natural remedies) add a few drops of onion juice (the real juice) in your child's ear, let them lay down for a while.
My son got terrible ear aches last summer due to the swimming pool, he had never yelled out in so much pain. That did the trick after about an hour he was back to being the very active 5 year old he is.



answers from Los Angeles on

Of course the doctor says nothing about finding out what is causing the ear infections, like food allergies. I would remove all dairy, casein products for two weeks (do not replace with soy please). Use Almond or Rice milk in replacements and there are lots of choices. This is a very common cause for ear infections.

Next, if that isn't making a difference, remove eggs, then gluten, then etc. until you find the culprit or have a IgG blood test that will spell out the what is causing the inflammation and then you can remove those.

My now almost 14 year old daughter was extremely sick, all of the time. At 18 months the pediatrician finally did the skin prick test (stupid, painful, does not catch all of the causes) and found egg, soy, corn. Removed those and she still had problems (severe asthma, multiple ear infections - resulting in two sets of tubes - eczema, behavior problems) until age 10 we did the blood test. Found TWENTY ONE food allergies. We went cold turkey that day and removed all of them. She did not have anymore asthma, allergy reactions, colds, eczema, behavior, you name it, problems UNLESS she ate a food that was on that list. Saved a whole lot in doctor visits and more importantly, prescriptions. She was on four daily prescriptions for asthma. Quite the money maker for someone. Singular was one of them and she does continue to take it. We will stop it when she stops sneaking foods to see if they are still a problem. That is another story! lol



answers from Los Angeles on

Singulair for ear infections seems wrong...have you tried hydrogen peroxide in the ears at bathtime? I put a cap full in each ear. I also use garlic/mullin oil in the morning (a nutural antibacteral) available at a Whole Foods or any natural remedy store. I did this regimen for my 4 children and never had another ear infection! (these were the suggestions of my pediatrician) - good luck and please try because it works!



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes our daughter was prescribed this medication, but not for 30 days!!!!! All was fine. I would caution on the 30 days.



answers from Los Angeles on

Peel a clove of garlic and put it in her ear. Use a bandage to hold it in place. Sounds crazy, but it works.



answers from Portland on

Singulair is a newer antihistamine. It's use has been questioned by medical authorities because of side affects. My daughter was prescribed Singulair for allergies that increased asthma symptoms. She took it for a couple of years. Her mother decided to stop it and my granddaughter's allergist then prescribed Zyrtec which my granddaughter has now been taking for over a year. Zyrtec has helped as much as Singulair did. It costs much less and doesn't have the same concerns regarding side effects.



answers from Los Angeles on

Ask your pharmacist to explain why it's being used. My mom is a pharmacist, and they usually know more about the drugs than the doctors do. If you aren't satisfied with the answer, ask for a different medication.



answers from Los Angeles on

my pediatrician prescribed singulair to my son for a bad cold and it was wonderful and effective.. therefore preventing the use of antibiotics. And my son is 7-1/2 months old ..My pediatrician is very against antibiotics, unless the baby really need it. I will say use it and trust your doctor I think that he gave you the Singulair because he does not want to give your child more Antibiotics. which in the future could become a problem with resistance to Antibiotics. Singulair is used to dry the fluid from her ear. My son was full of fluid on his lungs,, and it took three doses to dry him up.. no more mucos

Good luck Mama..



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter is on singular for her allergies that cause the fluid to build up in her ear. not sure if he is thinking she has allergies and that is what is causing the infections but singular will not clear up the infection but it will treat what causees it if it is allergies.



answers from St. Louis on

I take both Zyrtec & Singulair for allergies. Singulair in the morning, Z at night. Without the Singulair, I am miserable! There is a night/day difference in how my allergies are with this drug.

I realized that as an adult this probably has no bearing on your situation, but just thought I'd share my thoughts with you.



answers from San Diego on

I would take your daughter to another doctor for a second opinion. If this is her second infection and now treated for another 30 days something is going on that the medicine is not helping. My daughter used singulair for her asthma and it is a steroid. I didn't know it is used for ear infections. Is the singulair a spray? Also the doctor quit giving my daughter antibiotics for every thing cause the more antibiotics they given the more the child gets immuned to it and therefore doesn't help them any more. Check out this site



answers from Minneapolis on

I haven’t used Singular, but if my girls appear to have an ear infection, we go right to the chiropractor. I am a BIG proponent of chiropractic adjustments for everyone, including infants. My two daughters have NEVER been treated for ear infections and I think it's because we see the chiropractor regularly and take our vitamins and probiotics. If you go this route, be sure that you see a pediatric specialty chiropractor for your son…there are chiropractors that will adjust infants and children without specialized training and it may not be a good experience.

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