Singulair Allergy Med

Updated on July 26, 2012
S.J. asks from Mesquite, TX
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Hi. My son has some pretty bad allergies. he has been taking Zyrtec for it and last week we addded Nasonex. His ENT wants to add Singulair but I have heard some nasty things about it (i.e. very aggressive behaviors etc). The ENT said she never heard that. Anyone have expirence to share?

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answers from St. Louis on

LOVE LOVE LOVE Singulair! It has saved my life!

The difference in me....before/after amazing. & I can tell if I skip just one dose....I seriously regret it!

now, antibiotics....that's a whole 'nother story....I'm mean on them! :)

Oh, Oh....& yes, I also take Zyrtec daily. Works great for me. Occasionally I do also use Nasonex, but rarely.... & I use an inhaler thru the winter months.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter took singulair on a daily basis for about 7 years and we had no issues! It worked for her, and now she seems to have outgrown some of her problems. Good luck :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our problem with Singulair was joint pain. I'm sure that there is a list of possible side effects. The question is how will it effect 'you'?

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answers from Alexandria on

My son has yucky allergies too.

I agree on the agressive behavior... however, all allergy meds cause mine to have agressive/hyped up behavior. So I don't know if my answer really helps you all that much.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

These meds all have a drying side effect. The pharmacist told me that almost across the board kids show behaviors after taking almost every allergy med.

He told me to start out with half a dose and see if it worked. If it did then that was the largest dose the kids needed. If they needed more i could increase the dose the next scheduled time to 3/4 dose.

A full dose of Benadry will knock you flat out usually. It also dries you out so bad you can't make snot if you needed

I think your child is on too many meds. It seems like they should have one med and that would be enough to treat a runny nose and eyes.

I hope you are going to an allergist for this so that you are not being led astray by someone who is not a specialist.

Any doc can treat any illness but truly, would you want your gynecologist treating your hubby for a heart condition?

Of course not, you would want a cardiologist treating a heart condition. Same goes with allergies that are bigger than just a simple allergy. Go to a doc that specializes in allergies so that your child is not being over medicated.

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answers from Portland on

Singular made my granddaughter hyper, eventually. She'd been on it for a couple of years before this happened.

If the Zyrtec isn't working, I'd try the Singulair and see what happens. None of the side affects are permanent. i.e. they go away after stopping it.


answers from Reno on

my son has allergy induced asthma and singular has been a life saver. he takes it before bed as it makes him drousy and i have seen no side effects. he has taken other medicine and it did cause behavior issues. singular so far has been good. Good luck to you.



answers from Wichita Falls on

My son has taken Singulair every day from March-July (allergy season) for the last 3 years. It's been a lifesaver, and we have not noticed any side effects.


answers from Dallas on

My son is 4 and has asthma and allergies. we just started singular and he's doing great! Our Dr was very open about the side effects and was actually involved on some of the boards. The side affect that was reported was not aggression but more depression. Also it was a very few people and the way that I understood was that the study had some flaws. I have two nieces that have been on it for years and they've both done great.



answers from Dallas on

My 8 year old son has taken it for several years and has no side affects that we have seen. It is a life saver for him.


answers from Dallas on

I've taken singulair myself and never experienced aggressive behaviors or anything like that. My daughter also took it for a time, and I never noticed anything of the sort.

However, I never noticed it controlling my symptoms well, and it didn't control my daughter's symptoms well either.



answers from Honolulu on

All allergy meds, prescription or over the counter, will affect each person differently.
So keep that in mind.

How old is your son????

I have general allergies to the air/dust, etc. Thus, I have tried many allergy meds.
I personally, do NOT like Zyrtec. Why? It makes me.... IRRITABLE and tired. I hate it. I really do not like Zyrtec for that reason, and I am an adult.
It also made my friend's son that way.
Each person, is different.

Now, Nasonex, is a type of steroid. My understanding is, that it should not be used forever. I have one sitting on my shelf right now. My Doc said only to use it if I have to. It is a steroid... therefore... it helps by decreasing INFLAMMATION. Which, per allergies, it causes an inflammation in the nose. Hence, stuffiness. It does not cure, the allergy. Just the stuffiness and nasal inflammation.
And it is for kids, after 2 years old.
You should get more information about Nasonex too.

Now, Singulair... can cause Behavioral issues. So know that. Personally, I would not give that to my kids. There are MANY other things that can be used. The Doc telling you she has never heard of these behavioral side effects, is very ignorant. I would not listen to her.
For me: I like Claritin. They have a kids version too. And you can get it over the counter.

Really, per allergies or seasonal allergies, it can be affected by the general air quality in your city too.
I would ALSO recommend, getting an air purifier for your home or for his room, or an air filter. My parents got some for our home when I was a kid. For that reason.
THEN.... you can also use a "Neti Pot" for your son. I don't know what his age is, but my daughter even at 3 years old, could use it with my Husband's help. It helps to clear up the nose/sinuses.

I really, would not use too many things at one time.

There is also: Allegra. Over the counter too.

OR, you can try "Little Noses" (in lieu of Nasonex. Which is a nasal decongestant, for kids. Over the counter. And it works. I have used this for my kids.
Here is the link for it:

Or even just use a saline nose spray.
Over the counter.
This works real well too. And it is just saline nose spray.

I personally have: Asthma and allergies to things in the air. And, I only take my meds, when/if I have to. Not everyday. Per myself, I know which ones work for me the best.


answers from Biloxi on

My son started at Singulair at about age 4 as an asthma preventative - this was its original usage - allergy control being a secondary usage of the drug.

He has taken it, on and off, for 12 years and has never had a single side effect from it.

An adult co-worker of mine takes it daily without any side effects.

It has always worked well for us.



answers from Dallas on

My son has been on singular since he was 3 ( he is 6 now) and he has never displayed any abnormal behavior. He takes it along with Flovent and actually the only thing I've noticed when he's not on singular is that his allergies/asthma get really bad, so singular really works well! Good luck I know how frustrating it all is!


answers from Grand Forks on

I took Singulair for a while. I didn't notice any side effects at all, but I didn't notice any benefits either. It didn't seem to do anything at all.



answers from Kansas City on

my son has been taking Singulair for many years. He is very soft spoken and loving. No aggressive behaviors from him.

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