Severe Persistent Diaper Rash

Updated on June 22, 2012
M.N. asks from Newtown, PA
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Hello everybody, and thanks for reading in advance! My three year old is still in diapers, and she's had this diaper rash on and off for a little while, and now it's just won't get better! It's mostly in between her legs, looks red, with red bumps, and skin looks wrinkly as in post welts. Its not peely, or scaly, it looks pruny
We have tried Whole foods diapers, Earths Best diapers. She seems to be sensitive and itch from diapers that have inner blue lining ( before last year she was in pampers crusers and never had an issue, but then they improved them, and we switched because i have heard various concerns over the chemicals pampers have used)
Since then We also tried Huggies Pure and Natural. It gets better, with a change of diaper, and then gets worse.
I should mention that she didn't really have this issue untill few months ago, when this started, slowly. And she is on antibiotics now. It did get worse with the antibiotics, but she has to be on them for a while. Help! Seems that natural diapers keep her somewhat not as dry, prune . And I worry about chemicals in others. And she itches from ones with blue lining on the inside. A&d ointment doesn't seem to help. Neithere does several others.
Sorry for long entry, but wanted to give detailes! Thanks for any opinions!

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answers from Grand Forks on

Sounds like yeast infection. When we didn't have a medical coverage I used Canesten cream, when I had coverage I had the pediatrician prescribe clotrimazole (sp?).

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answers from Philadelphia on

You may want to try over-the-country anti-fungal cream. (Either Lamisil or something for jock itch/athletes foot or Vagisil, etc...) Once in a while my son will get a persistent rash that won't go away. The anti-fungal cream takes care of it ASAP and it's less harsh than prescription creams.

Good luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

When we would get a child like this in child care we would dab their hiney with antacid liquid. The kind you take for upset tummy, like Mylanta or Maalox. They would combat the acid in the areas and help it heal.

But this does sound like a yeast infection. I think it's time to either go back to the diaper that was working and not hurting her and also get some ointment from the doc.

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answers from Des Moines on

I would bet she has a yeast infection rash. Try the yeast infection creAm you would use for yourself and apply like diaper rash. It should work. If you want....ask the led for advice.....but no amount of regular diaper rash cream will get rid of it.

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answers from Cleveland on

It really does sound like a yeast rash. Your pediatrician can prescribe nystatin or you can try Lotrimin (in foot care or external vulvar cream for yeast, same stuff).

Have you considered cloth diapers, though since she is already 3, get the trainers instead. I LOVE these trainers from Cottonbabies. The Flip Potty Trainers come with either 3 or 5 cloth velcro-in inserts (the velcro is completely covered) with unsnappable sides (like the tearable sides on pullups). You can watch a youtube video if you google "youtube Flip Trainer" to see what they are like. It is not as typical to find them with 5 inserts anymore (they were $34.95, so now they are sold for $29.95 for the kit which is the shell cover with 3 pads, or you can buy the shell for $17.95 and get the pads separately as some like to buy less shells).

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son had the same problem. We treated him with Vusion cream and changed diapers to Nature baby care. His rash resolved in 24 hours and only ever had one very mild recurrence. The cream is prescription and works like a miracle. I also really love Mother love diaper rash ointment which you can get on Amazon. I don't know if you already have dine this but you should get her on probiotics while on antbx. I give my son daily probiotics which keep his digestion regular. Of course, it would be great to have her spend time out of diapers to dry out her skin. Sometimes they don't like to do that. My son won't go commando. Hope it resolves soon.



answers from Philadelphia on

I've seen and heard of this before. Sounds like her body is telling you she's done with diapers. Chafing, sweating and so on in that area after a while with a walker. It's collecting all moisture and causing problems. Use corn starch baby powder in every diaper and down her upper legs as well. Then start the potty training process.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Champaign on

Definitely sounds like a yeast rash. My boys used to get those anytime they had antibiotics, and our ped told me to make sure the ate yogurt while on antibiotics to help keep their systems in balance. She would prescribe Nystatin (we actually have a couple of tubes in our medicine cabinet, just in case). Nystatin takes a day or two to clear it up.

A yeast rash is different than normal diaper rash, so ointments like Destin, Butt Paste, A&D or any zinc-oxcide ointment is going to have no affect.

Call your ped to have him/her look at the rash just to be safe. If it is a yeast rash and she gets the right ointment it will clear up in no time.



answers from Champaign on

My son use to get horrible rashes where they looked red and scaly, but we would use Aveno oatmeal bath and the purple desitin (40% of the main ingrediant, which i can't remember right how) and lotriman (foot fungus stuff) worked wonders. We had problems with diapers and could only wear huggies. After we stuck with huggies, the rashes were few and far between. We tried all sorts of ointments - and a layer of the lotriman and let it dry, then the purple desitin - he would be rash free in 24 hours for the most part, but we kept the lotriman until the red scaly stuff was gone.



answers from Portland on

Try a chemical-free diaper. Seventh Generation has one,( and so do G-Diapers, I believe.) We used the 7th Gen with our son. I found that I had to change them more often (every 2-3 hours or so, but that's somewhat standard for diaper changes. The diapered child should be changed often.) because they do not have as many chemicals or as much liquid-absorbing gel in them.

You could also try using Lotrimin A/F. Yeast infection 'diaper rashes' are very, very common, and yeast infection is a common side effect of using antibiotics. (This is why yeast infections commonly go hand-in-hand with UTI's for women-- we go on these antibiotics and wipe out all of our good bacteria, and thus candidiasis can thrive.) Here's more information:

Make sure she's getting probiotics and lots of wholesome (not super-sweetened) yogurt, too.

Some things I have done for children in my care with diaper rashes:

Use cloth diapers if available. Fuzzy Bunz makes some very good ones. (If not, consider putting her in training pants for a while, stay on non-carpeted floors and expect to have a lot of cleanup. That said, you'll be aware when she's peed and can change her immediately. )

At every diaper change, use a hair dryer set on cool/low to completely dry the area. Place your hand on their upper thigh so you can know if it's getting too hot.

Diaper-free time. Let them go bottomless in the kitchen or on non-carpeted areas, in the backyard.

Sunshine on their tush. Sunshine is a natural disinfectant.

Limit juices and other things which might add acid to the diet and contribute to irritation. If it's a yeast infection, do a Google search to figure out which foods you want to avoid. Sugar is at the top of that list.

Lastly, if this doesn't clear up soon with using Lotrimin A/F, please go see your pediatrician.

Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

You want something with zinc in it. Desitin, butt paste, basically the white or tan creamy types of ointment. Hope you find something that works, that's hard for your little one!


answers from Hartford on

If your daughter is NOT a special needs child, I hate to say it but I think you really do have to force the issue of toilet training and do it now. Cold turkey. Cotton underpants that she gets to pick out, washed before she wears them. I wouldn't even use Pull Ups in this situation.

At three years old, her feces and urine aren't like they were as a baby. Her waste is too harsh to be on her skin for even a short time thanks to her Big Kid dietary needs.

What I would probably do first is set aside some time when she can go around the house completely starkers naked. Let the skin air out during the day.

If the rash has raised bumps that "weep" and it got worse on antibiotics, then it's likely yeast. That means that you MUST AVOID CORN STARCH baby powder. Avoid all corn based products, including foods. Reduce sugar in her diet as well, especially high fructose corn syrup. Yeast thrive on corn especially and on sugar. They thrive on acidic drinks, foods, and environments that are moist.

A great treatment you can make to help relieve the rash and minimize it, healing it quickly is:

Take a cotton ball dipped in Phillip's Plain Milk of Magnesia and spread it wherever you see the rash. The M.O.M. helps soothe and neutralize the acid of the rash.

Next, smear Lotriman .1% all over where you spread the M.O.M. that just dried.

Lastly, smear on Balmex or Desitin.

Do that a few times a day, with or without underwear. Have lots and lots of underwear. If she has to toilet then get her right onto the toilet and it will minimize the clean-up.

Do NOT use wipes. Do NOT use soap or bubble bath. Give her clean-water baths and when/if you have to wipe up a toileting accident from her skin or wipe the treatment clean from her skin, use either the clean-water bath and then let her air dry before reapplying the treatment OR use a lukewarm-water paper towel and again, let her air dry.

Repeat the whole process. You should notice improvements within 12-to-24 hours. I have three daughters who used to be prone to yeast infections. Trust me on this.

Increase her intake of PLAIN yogurt... but add some of your own fruit like apples or a little jam to sweeten it up. It has to have live active cultures, but be low in sugar. A bland diet is a good idea right now until the rash is cleared.

Increase her water intake, eliminate juice and soda (if she drinks any).



answers from Washington DC on

Desitin or store brand with 40 percent zinc oxide works wonders. Make sure you get the infection cleared up first if there is one. Have her go without diapers as much as possible...even if you have to spead old blankets over the carpet.


answers from Lansing on

oh do I understand the diaper rash issue. I worked in a pharmacy and did my own research plus looked at the ingredients for the prescription diaper rash creams. All you need to do is use the thick white desitin (of course I forget the ingredient name), add in hydrocortison (basically preparation h), and an anti fungal like lotrimin. I know it sounds crazy but ALWAYS worked for me and it cheaper than getting the rx. I really hope it works, regardess, its great to use on rash and irritation spots!


answers from Salt Lake City on

I used to just let my babies sit for hours without a diaper on. Of course i would lay blankets out. The rash needed air though. I also use to put oatmeal in a sock and tie it off and throw it in thier bath water. It worked well. I would soak it. pat it dry and still let the crawl around on the blankets. Or it could be a yeast infection upon the skin, which can be treated with this powder u can get from a dr.


answers from Norfolk on

Yep - yeast.
Besides Lotrimin and liquid Mylanta (to fight acidic pee/poop) at changing time, add a cup of plain yogurt to her bath water.
It's warmer now than it was a few months ago, so sweat might be a factor, too.
Air out her bottom as much as you can.
A little sunshine is alright but you don't want her getting a sunburned behind.


answers from Chicago on

Gamma G beat me to it!!!! All of it, read and follow.



answers from Pittsburgh on

its probably a yeast rash which wont go away with diaper cream. take her to the dr. they will give her a mild anti fungal ointment to make it go away. make sure she gets yogurt every day or give her childrens probiotics. they sell florastor for kids at most pharmacies. no prescription required but u have to ask for it. i give my kids the brand jarrows probiotics for kids and and babies.



answers from Detroit on

give her a bath every day let her bottom soak for a while. can you do some cloth diapers - much less irritating. sounds like she might have yeast infrection.. get some monistat or some other yeast cream and try that.

I think you have to try all the diapers out there to see what she does not react to.

I never had any problems with pampers ever. the baby dry were great. I did not like cruisers. the walkm

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