Seeking Advice on My 3 Yr. Old Daughter

Updated on December 08, 2008
A.F. asks from Saddle River, NJ
8 answers

I noticed tonite after bath that my 3 yr old dtr has redness around her vagina and anus. I put triple paste on it to hopefully soothe it, but is this something I should be extremely worried about? She was unable to give me any clear information about it.

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answers from New York on

I don't think it sounds serious, but she may have a yeast infection. Let the doctor have a look and if it is a yeast infection - you will just have to apply a cream.

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answers from New York on

Hi A.,

It maybe nothing but I would take her to the doctor to have her checked out. It may just be a yeast infection, it happens to my daughter every now and then. She is in first grade and being 6 years old does not do a great job with cleaning herself. She is very sensitive so its been going on for years. I would just have the doctor take a look, to be clear. :)



answers from Syracuse on

There are a few reasons this could happen.

She is potty trained by now I am assuming, is she wiping well? Could be a form of diaper rash from not wiping good. Flushable wet wipes are great if this is the cause.

Have you started using any new soaps that might irritate her, or any new underwear with different types of fabrics?

Also at this age, hands tend to go down there, she could have had her hands down there and irritated it by scratching or so on.

Keep putting the cream on her and keeping her very clean and dry down there, if it doesn't go away within a week, then make an appt. But I am sure it's nothing too serious.



answers from New York on

Hi A.-
That just happened with my son last month and it turns out it was a fungal infection that needed prescription creme to get rid of it. The doctor said he could have picked it up from the air....she even said if one of the caregivers at daycare had a yeast infection he could have gotten it that way. She said I should let him walk around without a diaper for 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day so the air could get at it too. Hope that helps!



answers from New York on

From time to time my son has the same thing happen. If she's potty trained, it could be that she didn't whipe fully. Or if there was moisture in that area it could be chaffing. If you use the triple paste and it doesn't seem better in a couple days I'd talk to the doctor.



answers from New York on

The only other 2 things I heard of, is food allergies sometimes causing redness there. and secondly pinworms (but usually just the anus I think) Good Luck.



answers from New York on

That has happened with my daughter too. It was just irritation from not wiping well or going too long between baths. Just keep an eye on it and it should go away with paste use and cleaning. It is probably nothing more than that, though I would still talk to her about that area being "private" to make sure (god forbid) nothing bad is going on.

I took my daughter to the dr the first time that showed up because I was worried, and I think they see that a lot with little girls.



answers from New York on

Hi A.,
Is she using bubble bath? This has been known to be irritating to the genitals and is not recommended by the medical professionals, despite all the products that are sold in stores. Is she using a new soap? I'd suggest a hypoallergenic one.
Hope it clears up quickly.

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