Seeing Color Spots

Updated on September 19, 2010
A.G. asks from Eaton Park, FL
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My son has complained about seeing color spots. I took him to get his eyes checked and the eye doc said his eyes where good. Does anybody know what could causes this? I am concerned.

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So What Happened?

I would like to extend a big thanks to everyone who responed to my question. My son does get migranes and i never thought to link them. Sometimes he complains that when he gets up the room moves on him that could be light headness. I will keep a journal on his symtoms and see if i can connect the dots. Thank you so much

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answers from Sarasota on

I, too, saw spots like that as a child. I remember being taken to an eye doctor, but hje said my eyes were just fine. However, I am nearsighted and have migraines, so either one of those might have been the culprit. I wouldn't worry about it too much... easier said than done, right?

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi A.,

I see no one has responded quickly so you may have us all stumped. The reason I responded is because I saw colored "flecks" as a child. Sometimes they just floated in my normal vision and sometimes when I got up too quick from a gym activity they appeared. (I was also on medication as a child and nothing was ever "normal")Is your son really "complaining" or is he telling you about it. Are they big or small?

I have found that spots are normal for nearsighted children...which I was extremely nearsighted. No where can I find anything that talks about colored spots unless there is a tear in the retina and then it is one big spot. I'm sure if there was a tear, the ophthalmologist would have found that.

I'm sorry that I couldn't help. Good luck with your search.




answers from Melbourne on

seeing color spots can mean his electrolytes can be out of balance. This has nothing to do with the eyes if it is that. You should check with your regular pediatrician and he could identify what is wrong. If it is electrolytes, small children get pedialyte and older kids gatorade may do the trick. Hope this is helpful.



answers from Jacksonville on

A., I'm not sure about your child, but mine had this and it was the yellow dye in a medicine that she was allergic to. That same yellow dye is in alot of things.



answers from Muncie on

My 7 yr old son is complaining of the same thing and I am not sure what to think or do. He had a fainting spell over the winter at school and they thought it was anxiety b/c he was rehersing for a school play when it happened. Since then, he has complained about getting dizzy and seeing everything as red, green and yellow. Today he said that he has only experienced this since his fainting spell and now I am worried. I am having a hard time trying to filter what he is trying to explain b/c he tells me that he sees those colors but then he says it is just one big spot in his side vision that moves when he moves. Any advise?



answers from Orlando on


I see spots just before I get a migraine. It's called an aura when it happens before a migraine. But if he's not getting migraines, I have no idea what that is. ???

Good luck.

-T. Q



answers from Orlando on

Did he say when he was seeing the spots? all the time or just sometimes? I know when I had some problems with getting light-headed/fainting I would see color spots. For me it was caused by being over-fatigued and not eating enough.

Try to find out if the spots he sees comes in combination with any other symptoms. In any case, keep a journal of when it happens/how long it lasts/any other symptoms - that will help the doctor try to figure out the cause.

Best of luck to you and your family,



answers from Los Angeles on

For two years, we have taken our daughter to Loma Linda, Cedars Sinai to try and see why our daughter had vision trouble - seeing colors and sometimes blindness! She was put through an MRI, EEG and Video EEG's. This all stemmed from food poisoning.

This year she got the flu and a new pediatrician said she was low on electrolytes. Now that she has a mixture of half gatorade and half water, guess what?, she doesn't have them anymore. Loma Linda put her on seizure meds like you can't believe and now we find out it was dehydration all the time. We had taken her to two different eye doctors who told us her eye was fine. They said it could be migraines - auro without the headache.

Please check this for your child after the above tests and before they put your child on potent seizure meds!!!!!! I have never responded to these blogs before but we went through such hell with this I just had to share my story!



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

It could be mini migraines. Have you checked with his peds dr?



answers from Punta Gorda on

Could be from looking right into the sun.



answers from Orlando on

I have a friend who's 7-year-old used to complain of seeing colors. It turns out that she was actually having a type of seizure. Not to worry you, because it's totally treatable, but you should consider taking your son to a neurologist and getting an EEG.



answers from Wausau on

Hi A.,
My name is K. and I am the mother of soon to be five children. I have a 6,5,4,and 2 year old.
I saw color spots as a child and the culprit was migraines. Ask your pediatrician about checking for migraines. I still suffer from them to this day but take meds for it and they are in control now.
Hope I helped in some way...

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