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Updated on March 16, 2009
T.F. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
7 answers

I need help on how to make screens for my windows from scratch. I have to build the frames.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Try Ace Hardware. They have rescreened frames for me when the screen is ripped - quite cheap. Perhaps they can build frames - or have sizes in stock. At the Ace on Danforth in Edmond there is a window in teh back and a guy works on screens back there - maybe they have that at every Ace?



answers from New Orleans on

you can try to building wood frames and mount them to the outside over the entire window.
tools you will need:
-drill -hammer -staple gun -philips head screw bit
- 1/8" drill bit -corner clamp -miter box -work table
-paint brushes
-coarse deck screws(no less than 1 1/2" long) -wood frame material - screen material -staples(not longer than your wood is thick)
1. find where you can screw these panels down to the outside of the window. you will need at least an overlap of 1/2"
2. measure each window individualy and write the measure ments down. start with the window that will be closest to your work space.
3. you can get pre-mitered frame sides from an art supply store or you can buy peices of trim moulding and cut them to size w/ a miter box.
-your measurment will be to the outside edge of your corner
-you will cut the trim at a 45 degree angle
4.clamp the the top and left pieces together in a corner clap
5. staple the pieces together, if you have to you can drive the staples flat w/ a hammer
6.WEATHER PROOF the frame. you can use exterior primer and then exterior paint or you can use a deck sealant for a natural wood look
-let dry at least 24hrs no matter what the label says
7. cut screen material to fit an staple in place unfinised side toward the window
9. pre drill hole with a 1/8 drill bit 1/4" from the edge of frame
10. using a coarse deck screw no less than 1 1/2" long
screw the frame to the window frame

I'll be at a parade today, but if you need further assistance call my cell ###-###-####. FYI- I have 18yrs of carpentry experiance



answers from Mobile on

You can buy everything you need from Lowes or Home Depot. They have the aluminum frames that can be cut to any size. Once cut you just slide each end into a corner piece. Once the frame is made, screening is placed over it and held in place with a rubber rope pushed into the groove. This method is probably the quickest and easiest in the long run.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Your local home depot should have everything you need to build screens. I would go up there and ask someone in the Millwork department what all you need and how to put it together. The stuff is fairly inexpensive and the tools you'll need are as well.



answers from Tulsa on

We have always replaced the screen in storm windows. They are really easy. They have a little gray plastic cord that fits into a groove. When you cut the screen material you just poke the edges into the groove by pressing on the cord. It slides in and the cord holds it into place.

My mom's house has regular wood windows with screens that are able to be removed from the house by way of unhooking them and lifting them up off the hooks on top. If that is the kind you are talking about then the screen material just goes between the frame and the molding. It always looked easy when my dad did it.

Here's a link to DIY that shows how to do it.

Another site but with the plastic cord I was talking about.

This one is specific to wood frames, it is about half way down.

Have fun!!!




answers from Oklahoma City on

Lowes carries everything you need to replace your screens (and frames), and they even have an instruction sheet so you know how to to it properly. Just measure the approx area for your screens (the instrucs. should show you how to take exact measurements) and determine the color frame you need, and ask an associate to help you gather up and explain everything.



answers from Oklahoma City on

we did this when i was young, so i don't remember the technical words for things but here goes. (we bought our frames, or used the ones that were on the house already.) there needs to be a little groove in the frame for the screen to be attached to. you stretch the screen over the frame, and then, using a little tool with small wheels on both ends, use the wheel to roll along the groove ontop of some kind of very tiny rubber tubing, pushing it down into place. it seals the screen into the frame. then, cut the extra material with a box knife. sorry it is so untechnical! i have only seen it done when i was about five.

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