SAT 10 Practice Tests for Kindergarten

Updated on March 22, 2012
M.T. asks from Antioch, TN
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Hello Mamapedia moms/dads,

Where can I go to get free online practice for the SAT tests to prepare a kindergartner?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for those who answered the question. For those who are ignorant of the fact and/or chose to answer negatively, FYI, this IS a test for kindergartners. He will be taking next week and a private school is offering. I am not guessing if it should be, it is a reality for my son to take. The book is StanFORD Achievement Testing Series 10) Thanks Victoria for explaining and quite frankly, I was surprised myself that there would be a test this early! I am and will not be pressuring my son. I just wanted to help him prepare!

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I found this website, but I don't know of any SAT tests for kindergarteners. My daughter is in K and has not taken SAT tests, but she is also in private school.

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There are some unkind answers here. Everybody, click on this link:

and then click on kindergarten. The link I gave straight to the kindergarten site keeps bringing everyone back to MP (for some strange reason.)

Victoria W. was kind enough to provide the explanation (and the link). (When you go to the kindergarten part that shows what children need to know to be successful in kindergarten.) When you look at this, you'll understand that if Amom2 had not used the name "SAT" for this, you wouldn't be busting her chops.

Amom2, it's FINE that you are trying to assess her kindergarten readiness. One thing to do is to take your child to the school guidance counselor and ask her to give him or her a readiness test. The counselor will tell you what areas she needs extra help on, and you can work with her on that during the summer. Sometimes maturity is an issue, and that takes time. And if your child is already in kindergarten, click on first grade and see what readiness skills they recommend.

Good luck, and ignore the ugly answers.


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Please don't put undue pressure on your child with these tests. Your child is in K for goodness sakes.

I uderstand you want him/her to excel, we all do, but extra pressure can turn a lot of kids off to learning. Tread carefully.

Talk to the teacher.

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answers from San Diego on

Better start now or you'll behind everyone else. First Kindergarten then college. Be sure to ignore socio-emotional, physical and creative growth. Who needs 'em. Teach to the test is where its at.

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I can't wrap my head around this. Why in the world would you want to put that kind of pressure on a 5 year old? Why can't he just be 5?

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I don't know. It sounds like overkill to me. If the school is testing them with SATs (my kids' private school used them also), then they will prepare them for them.
I would only worry about it if your child's teacher suggests that they need additional help in some specific area. And then I would focus on that area. Kids are tested enough these days. And most kids HATE standardized testing.... it is so boring. :/

ETA: Yes, the private schools can test the Kindergartners with SAT10. Both my kids did it in kindergarten. It is Stanford Achievement Test series 10. It is not CRCT, it is not the SAT college admissions test. Just another form of standardized testing, and apparently commonly used in private schools, as both private schools my kids attended used it.

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For those of you responding as if she is talking about giving her kindergartener the SAT, read the title more closely. The SAT10 (Stanford Achievement Test 10th edition... we took SAT9s when I was in school) is a brand of standardized test for K-8 grade for school systems that don't use a state specific test (remember the old ITBS or CTBS etc.)

Typically, Amom2, kindergarteners don't take a standardized test though as it isn't required until 3rd grade when kids of all entering readiness levels can be expected to have mastered the content.

Unless you homeschool, the school will likely give her all the preparation she needs. Don't stress about this. If you want to give her a bit of practice, though you can pick up a practice book at a local bookstore. It needn't be SAT10 specific, either, any kindergarten standardized test prep will serve a similar purpose :)

Hope this helps :)

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Are you talking about basic skills tests or the CRCT? I've never heard of SATs for kindergartners, and I have one. The only SAT I know of is the one you take in high school for college admissions.

ETA: I googled it, and you can go to the SAT 10 website for practice tests. Personally, I would not burden a kindergartner with this unless they actually think they're fun. My son thinks the Everday Math site is fun, so maybe yours would enjoy this, but if not, just let them go with what they've learned.

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Amom2, if this post is for real, please post again and explaiin what you mean. We have problems at this site with "trolls" who post nonsensical or provocative things just to yank our chains as another person put it. It is hard to tell from the post if you're asking a serious question but perhaps have a test name wrong, or if you are unfortunately a "troll" who is trying to get responses and rile folks up -- because there is no SAT for kindergarten; SATs are for kids leaving high school. If you really have a question it will help you if you give more details.

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wow kindergarten is a lo0ng way from sats ... we had practice tests.. the psats that u took the year before u take the sats ..if u didnt do as well on thsoe as u wanted they offered classes so wen the actual tests came out ud do better ... this honestly shocks me who even would make these tests up theyre in freaking kindergarten for gods sake .. i really hope its a different test your talking about

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To be honest there are many online sites you can go on for your child to learn stuff for school. But the school will still do their own test.. BTW SAT"S are for high school kids


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Never heard of it. Why not ask the teacher?


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chainy yanky post, right?



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What type of test is this?

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