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Updated on March 07, 2008
N.M. asks from Midlothian, VA
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My husband and I are relocating to Richmond. We have a 2 year old (as of yesterday!) and one due in August. We are looking for the best areas as far as schools and convenience. My husband will be working from an office downtown, but commute is not an issue as long as we are in a good community. We live in Raleigh now and have so much close to us including good schools, family activities, shopping and entertainment. We want to recreate that as much as possible. Does anyone have any helpful information abut places in Richmond to live. Thanks so much!!!!!

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So What Happened?

Hi again
Just wanted to thank everyone for their input on our relocation. We ended up making a trip up to the area when I was 35 wks preg and bought a house inthe Midlothain area in the Grove. We are really excited about it but not as excited as we are about our new addition! He was born 2 weeks after we visited and so we are just about to get some sort of normalcy. He's now 3 weeks old.

We will likely move the middle of September and I am starting the search for Pediatricians and Preschools in the area. Some of the Ped's we see here referred us to Ped's in RIchmond but they are in the West End area and I think that is a bit far from where we will be living and I wanted to find something closer. Any suggestions? As for preschools, not sure if it's too late to get in...I know the ones here in Raleigh require preregistration as of last May, so not sure if we can even get in for this season. My oldest is 2 as of June and I'd like to get him in something a couple of days a week.

Again, thanks to all of you that offered advice. We are looking forward to our new location!


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Richmond is a great place to raises a family. If you are looking for a suburban neighborhood, the West End is the place to be. I grew up in a more urban city neighborhood in Pittsburge and we live in the Fan. Mary Davenport is a great real estate agent with children a little older than yours and a good feel for things that matter to families. Susan Fisher is also amazing as a real estate broker and seems to know everybody! She and her husband relocated to Richmond and may have some first hand tips for you. Both ladies work for different agencies and I'm not sure which ones.

Our pediatrician is Partners In Pediatrics in the west end in the Ridgefield Medical Center. They are a small group with very personal service. Pediatric Associates is a bigger group with a satellite office that many people like also

Our children go to our parish school (St. Bridget's) and we are very happy there. The faculty is first rate and the administration is concerned with making sure the needs of the whole child are met. Not all the children who attend are Catholic, but most are.

Stay connected as you narrow your search. We'll keep you posted on the trendy restaurants (my husband and I like CanCan ~ french bistro style, KubaKuba ~ neighborhood Cuban fare, Piccola's ~ family friendly pizza) Ruth at Images is a great hairdresser and Mango's is a wonderful splurge for any of their hair and skin services. Have yet to find a really good dry cleaners and I have willed my list of babysitter's to my sister!

Good luck with your move. Stay focused on the big picture of keeping your family values in the forefront and all the little details will take care of themselves. Moving is hugely exhausting endeavor and if you remember that it will take a year to truly feel at home in your new home, then you can be present to your family and patient with the packing and unpacking.



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My name is S. Fisher and I am a realtor in the Richmond area. I have helped families relocating here from other places around the country and I would be happy to help you as well. I grew up in Richmond and moved away after College and then returned 6 years I can relate to the challenge of the relocation process. I work as an agent for Long and Foster and we are one of the largest real estate companies in the area. I would be happy to help you and your family. I have two children, 9 and 14....
Please call me at ###-###-####, my voice mail, and we can talk more about your move and how I can help!

S. Fisher
Realtor, ABR, GRI
Virginia Properties
A Long & Foster Company



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I would look into the West End area of Richmond. The Glen Allen area or Short Pump area sounds like it might fit you.



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I am a resident in Richmond. We live on the West End, where we enjoy. My husband commutes to the Southside daily and it is doable.

Housing is slightly cheaper, but you do want to avoid the FAN area (big college influence) and the parts of the Southside. We moved from CA to Richmond, and find people here generally friendly.

I understand the family connection. We moved here to have it, but please consider connecting with a good church family too. I have found that my church family are there more for me than my blood family.

I attend The Master's House in Ashland, VA. I would be honored to introduce you as my guest. Please feel free to email me with any need you have as you relocate. I also understand the strain of that.

Will you be working as well? I have been used by many families for child care if you have that need too. In today's society that is a very important arena. I will pray for your wisdom.

You can access me and my email through my websites at or I look forward to meeting you and let me be the first to welcome you to Richmond.

G. F.



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I have lived in Richmond all my life and on both sides of the river. There are many different areas to choose from. In the far West End there is the Short Pump area that has everything at your fingertips. Great Schools, malls, movies, ice skating rinks, parks and much more. It isn't any more than a 30 min drive to downtown Richmond.

Now I live in Chesterfield and the commute distance is about the same depending on what area you live in. The areas I know best are the Midlothian area which covers a huge area. Woodlake, Brandermill, The Grove. All within minutes of great schools, shopping, etc.

I can say that both sides are about equal as far as schools and activities. The best thing to do is maybe take a weekend and come up and check both areas out. One thing that is funny is people that live in the west end think our side has more traffic and vice versa. It just depends on what you are used to. Good Luck and let me know if you need anymore info. Happy to help.

P.S. Here is a link to both area schools and county info. Now there are other areas in the Richmond area. I am just telling you about the ones I know.

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