Red Bumpy Rash Is Back... What Is This Thing?

Updated on April 10, 2010
A.P. asks from Boonton, NJ
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Hi fellow moms,
Last year my toddler had a red bumpy rash on his legs all summer. The pediatrician refered us to two dermatologists. The first one told us to use Aveeno bath wash. My husband said their office looked like an Aveeno ad, and when that didn't work, he asked for another referal. The second one told us it was heat rash. There wasn't much we could do since we were already dressing the kid in loose fitting, light summer clothes, and summer was almost over, so I just grumbled and put up with it for another couple weeks. Lo and behold, it did go away as soon as the weather cooled.
Now, we've had two very nice days in the 80s, and I just noticed he's got the red bumps all over his knees again! He's been in shorts today and loose pants yesterday. What the heck is going on with this kid? I don't want another summer of my mother constantly asking me about this unsightly rash! It doesn't seem to bother my son at all... I haven't seen him itching or anything. Just red bumps. And they're not under where his clothes are, like I would expect from heat rash. It's right there on the front of his knees where the shorts cut off. Last year it was knees and thighs (which are covered by shorts).
Any insight?

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answers from New York on


Try glyconutrients. The body will restore itself if it has all the nutrients. Glyconutrients are missing from the food chain. It restores cell to cell communication. Ointments and medicine will not address the cause. Keep his diet toxin free and free of processed foods,etc. Drink plenty of water. Supplement with the childrens growth essentials, omega 3 oil and glyconutrients. You can get them online

C. G.
South Africa

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answers from St. Louis on

Has he been playing or rolling around in the grass? Maybe he's allergic to something in your yard.

Have you tried changing your detergent? I wouldn't think that would be the cuplprit since you only notice it when it's warmer (but maybe you are just noticing it when it's warmer because you see his knees more?) Just a thought.

I remember my daughter having something similar to that when she was a year old but I think I chalked it up to heat rash and it has not returned.

If it continues, I would get another referral.

They may tell you to use Benyadryl or some other type of ointment. HTH!

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answers from New York on

My niece gets a rash from the sun. You could try applying sunscreen to see if it helps, if so that could be it. Although you don't mention any rash on face or arms so maybe not. It may also be an allergy that only his legs come into contact with something like in the yard maybe? You could consider children's allergy medicine like Benadryl or other to see if it helps.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Google "Keratosis Pilaris." My son had this when he was little. It has become less severe over time. There's really not much you can do but I would have thought a dermatologist would have diagnosed it at least. ??? I was told to use Aqua Glycolic lotion. But to tell you the truth, nothing helps much. It's just bumpy/red looking.



answers from New York on

It could be an allergy to a material in the clothes (polyester, rayon) or to a detergent you've been using. I had this as a baby and a doctor suggested cornstarch and washing my clothes separately with a gentle detergent (try Tide Free or Dreft).

Later on my skin became very sensitive to heat and any type of soap. One doctor prescribed an anti-fungal creme one summer (?!) which was a little bit of overkill. To treat the rash (later diagnosed as PUPPP when I was pregnant) I do make one exception - PUPPP Relief Soap from Rainier Soapworks, sold online. It's organic, non toxic and was incredibly effective at getting rid of the red bumpy rash and did not cause breakouts. They have a PUPPP Relief™ Cream as well. It's normally for pregnancy but it has helped me at other times too, and it smells terrific. Here are before & after pics:

Other than that, I usually use the yellow Johnson & Johnson's Baby Wash all over (including my face) and cool cotton clothing (Gap is good).



answers from Houston on

My son has Keratosis Pilaris also. It seemed to get better during the winter though and now it is coming back. His upper arms feel like sand paper. Poor baby. There isn't much you can do....hopefully they will out grow it.



answers from New York on

What about using cornstarch powder? My brother had the same issues when he was little and it dooes sound like heat rash. Try cleaning off his legs (mild soap and water) at night and during the day when he is less active, then cornstarch powder lightly. It might help the sweat that is building up and causing the rash.



answers from New York on

My daughter gets the same thing. She has a mild form of eczema year-round. We've had several pediatricians who have all said to use Eucerin Intensive lotion. It helps a little, but never seems to fully go away. It always seems to get much worse in the summer, as it has the last couple of days with warm weather. I believe last year they told us to try hydrocortisone on areas where it got really bad. Helped a little, but as far as I know, there's not much you can do to completely eradicate the problem.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter also would get a nasty looking rash in the summer. I actually got comments, or rather comments were made within my earshot, that she must be abused. We were at a pool and she was wearing a bathing suit so you could see the rash on her inner thighs. Using hydrocortisone did help a bit. It was irritated by any cleaning products and the chlorine from the pool. the doctor called it a form of eczema (something dermatitis). She has not had it for several years now so I guess she grew out of it.



answers from New York on

It does sound like Keratosis Pilaris. I have it and my son has it as well. I have always found that a good body scrub, or now that my son is older, a GOOD facial scrub as well really help. Also, keeping the skin moisturized helps as well. Visits to the beach where the salt water can get to the skin regularly almost heal it! I highly recommend Origin's products, they are natural and gentle and work great for us with sensitive skin. Now that I am an adult, it is virtually gone. It is a weird combination of drying it out and keeping it moisturized with a non-clogging moisturizer. I hope this helps! Best of luck.



answers from New York on

My son has the same rash on the back of his arms and legs. Its dry, but not itchy. I switched to Aveeno wash and lotion and it seems to help. It might be kerratosis pillaris (spelling?) I have it too. Try not to wash your son daily, it dries the skin more. I only bathe him every few days with wipe-downs inbetween. The aveeno seems to have helped though. If it is kerratosis pillaris amlactin lotion is the best.



answers from New York on

Hi, I had to respond because my son gets a really weird red blotch from the sun too. It is not red bumps like your son's. It is flat. It always appears on both calfs but on the outside of the legs where no clothes touch. Kinda above where the socks would end. The right leg always gets more red than the left. The minute he goes outside in the sun it starts and usually by bedtime it's gone. I told the dr and even took pictures to show him, but he is not too concerned about it. I don't have any solution different than what everyone else has said. Hopefully he will out grow this. Good Luck!!



answers from Boston on

Sounds like sun poisoning, or "prickly heat" which I get a lot. It is really itchy when I get it, but I think it doesn't bother some people as much. If he's really fair skinned, he might just be very sun-sensitive. There isn't really anything that you can do about it aside from keeping him covered up as sunscreen doesn't help. If you google "prickly heat image" or "sun poisoning image" you can see if that is what it looks like. Good luck.

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