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Updated on December 31, 2009
L.W. asks from Falls Church, VA
6 answers

I just found out I'm pregnant at 40. It wasn't planned. I'm still in shock. Could anyone recommend a good OBGN doctor? Thanks so much!

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I don't know if you're still looking or not, but after trying a few different doctors when I was pregnant I switched to Women to Women, PC at the Virginia Hospital Center medical offices. All of the doctors there are fantastic. They have a great bedside manner, and they do specialize in pregnancies for women that are of "advanced maternal age" as I was. My pregnancy did have a few complications, and their care was just wonderful. I felt like I was in good hands the entire time. It is hard to get in to see someone, but usually you can get in to the practice by seeing the nurse practitioner first. She is also great. After that, you are officially a patient in their practice, and it's not so hard to get in for an appointment when needed.



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Don't rule out midwifery care for more attention and better chances at a vaginal birth.

DC Birth Center (these certified nurse midwives also attend births at Washington Hospital Center, where I have seen them work seamlessly with the OBs when complications have arisen)

Loudoun Community Midwives (Loudoun Hospital, where one of LCM's backup OBs is at the hospital 24/7)

There is also BirthCare in Alexandria if you are interested in birth center birth.



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Dr. James Kacedan in Fairfax City is awesome!!!

10680 Main Street #190
Fairfax, VA 22030

I've included a link for some of his reviews :) Good Luck and Congratulations!



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Where are you located? I see Dr. Denita Speyer (has offices in Reston and Sterling). She is one of 3 doctors in the practice, and they are all wonderful. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child and have been seeing her for 8+ years.

This is her address in Reston, though if you want the other phone number you could call and ask. =) Good luck and congratulations!
1850 Town Center Pkwy
Reston, VA 20190



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I am 41 and pregnant and just started with the Physicians and Midwives Collaborative Practice. I really like them and they have 3 offices in the Alexandria area. -

Good luck!




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I second the comment about midwifery care. As a natural childbirth instructor and a birth doula, I witness the glaring differences between OB's and midwives. OB's are trained as surgeons. They are bound by insurance companies and high malpractice fees. If you are planning a C-section,then your best bet is an OB. If you want a non surgical birth and especially if you want a non medicated birth, then seek out midwife. You can find midwives who practice in hospitals, birth centers and those who attend @ home. Check out the yahoo group: Birth Options Alliance(BOA). They have listings of midwives in the whole DC area.
Good luck.
L. M

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