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Updated on June 16, 2007
M. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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Hi Everyone! I recently found out I am pregnant with my second so here I am seeking an OBGYN that will be supportive of giving birth naturally. I did like my last doctor, but I got lectured everytime I saw him and anyone else in his group about how people just don't go natural these days. I have my reasons for wanting to go natural and I suppose the main one is because my mother did with all 3 of her births and since she has passed away, somehow it makes me feel closer to her. Anyway, I don't feel like I should have to justify my reasons to my doctor. I live in the South East part of Vegas, but am willing to travel to any side of town for just the right doc!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of your responses! I love that I have options!

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Hi M., congratulations on your pregnancy! And you're right; you shouldn't have to justify your reasons for desiring a natural birth. I am a local HypnoBirthing childbirth educator and 75% of my clients birth naturally. Many of them are with April Kermani, CNM at Deseret Women's Health Care. She is not an OB, rather a hospital midwife who really does support women in the type of birth they desire. She can not do cesareans, so if one was needed her back-up OB would be the one performing surgery. However, she does everything else (prenatals, birth, postpartum). Her office number is ###-###-####. Also Dr. Timothy Sauter (Henderson), Dr. Steven Harter (Summerlin) and Dr. Warren Volker (Summerlin) are also recommended for natural birth. My top recommendation though is April Kermani.

Safe and gentle birth,
A. Swanson



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I've been going to Dr. Karen Dalley for the last 15+ years and she's delivered both of my children. She's incredibly cool about pretty much everything. My first son was breech so I had a c-section but I had a VBAC with my second and most doctors won't do a VBAC. I went into the VBAC with the "wait and see" attitude about pain meds and she was completely cool with that. They broke my water to put an internal monitor on my son (because it was a VBAC) and my labor went from not too bad to "off the scale" in about 30 seconds (I wasn't really prepared for it to get that bad, that fast) and I did opt for the epidural but if I would have not wanted it, she was completely okay with that too. She's a nice lady and she actually listens to me. She's reasonable and she doesn't try to push anything on you. She's in the Mountain View Medical Center on Cheyenne and Tenaya. I live in Silverado Ranch. I think she's worth the drive.




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Hi M.,
I live here LV and I had a natural child birth. Dr. Kahle said about 30% of his child births are natural and only verified I was sure that was what I wanted to do...all the way up to the time I was in the hospital in labor. He was truley wonderful! The problem, he is really far! His office is at Mt View hospital and delivered my baby at Sumerlin. I am not sure what other hospitals he works out of. You should give his office a call and ask what hospitals he delivers at and if they are all too far, see if they will ask him if he knows any doctors in your area who support natural child birth. It would really be difficult on you to try to drive that far in your last trimester when you visit every week. Remember, at that time you are tired and tired of being pregnant and sometimes you get to the office and find he is not there because there was a delivery and he has not returned yet.

Kahle Cliff MD

6990 Smoke Ranch Rd ###-###-####
Las Vegas, NV 89128-3119



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I second the opinion on Dr. Aberman! He's a great docotor,I highly recommend him.



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Hi M.:

First, congratulations on your pregnancy! When I got pregnant with my last child in July 2005, I was in a terrible bind. My OB/GYN was no longer practicing (a whole other story in itself) and I had no idea who to go to. I found Dr. David Aberman, and I've been so glad I did. I was very comfortable seeing him, and his staff was very nice as well. He was very supportive in my decisions regarding the birth of my child. I went in wanting to keep my options open for natural birth, with the choice of an epidural if I thought I wanted it.

They have 2 offices in town. One is on Rainbow & Hacienda (SW side of town) and the other is at Sahara & Eastern (SE side of town). The office number is ###-###-#### if you want to set up an appt. Good luck and congratulations again.

H. W.

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