Really Red Diaper Rash in 11 Month Old

Updated on November 02, 2012
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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Hey mamas,
my 11 month old has a bright red diaper rash right around his little booty hole and in the little folds beside his scrotum, it is so bright red and his tiny cheeks even look a little swollen. He is in so much pain when you change him :( Does that sound like a yeast diaper rash? Each of my boys has only had one bad diaper rash and I guess now it is his turn. I was wondering, can't you just get like Lotrimin over the counter if it is a yeast infection? Anyone tried that? How often can you apply it? Also, he has just gotten into more table foods and I have recently gotten him on applesauce, could that be the cause? I don't remember any of my other kiddos reacting to it that way, but well they all different. I also just tried new diapers so I am going back to what I was using before. But anyway, my main question is does this sound like yeast and if so can I use lotrimin or some over the counter deal, or would you just head for the doctor. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

Don't use any cream on him without talking to the doctor. There could be several causes of a diaper rash some of which you have listed. Just use the regular zinc oxide diaper rash cream every time you change him. Keep his little bottle dry. Give him some diaper free time if you can.

When ever I switched diapers my daughters both got blister like diaper rashes. Also anytime I tried a new food they had a diaper rash.

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answers from Muncie on

I stand by A&D ointment. Wash and dry the area carefully and smear a bit on before the diaper at bed time. I still use it on my daughter, she's 6 and still gets a little raw from time to time.

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answers from San Diego on

Triple Paste was the only cream that really worked for really bad diaper rashes in my kids. Don't use wipes, just use a wet washcloth to clean him off. Do a quick rinse off in the tub helps too with no soap if he's a little extra dirty. I always took a second dry wash cloth and gently patted them dry and let them lie on the changing table naked a couple extra minutes before putting on the cream and diaper. Have a couple bath tub books on the changing table to keep them there. Make sure you put the cream on nice and thick at every single diaper change.
I have 2 kids that inherited my super sensitive skin so we went through this a lot.
I would hold off on yeast cream and see if Triple Paste clears it up first.

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answers from Jacksonville on


Acidic foods and reactions to different diapers can both cause severe diaper rash. Going back to what you were using before is a good start. Also, I would recommend NOT using any diaper wipes if you are currently using them. Wash with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Let air dry as long as possible before applying diaper cream (lots of recommendations below). Change his diaper often until the rash goes away.

I don't have any experience with yeast, so I can't help there...sorry!

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answers from Portland on

Yes, you can get Lotromin or athlete's foot medication over the counter. The only way that you would know if it's yeast is if the doctor tests it. I would hesitate to use anti-yeast medication if I didn't know for sure it's yeast. Just being red doesn't sound like yeast. I think a yeast infection has pustules and itches but then I haven't had a yeast infection or seen a baby with one. I also think it doesn't sound like yeast because of it's limited location. From what I've heard described, yeast infection affects most of the bottom. If you can afford it I'd take him to the doctor.

I would think it's more likely an irritation caused by the new diapers or new food. I would start out by treating it with a diaper ointment such as Desitin. There are many others that moms on here have recommended.

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answers from Denver on

Two of my 4 kids are absolutely tortured with super sensitive skin and prone to yeast infections. I have always had to change once per hour with them even if they seem dry they may be sweaty. These two literally will start bleeding from diaper rash and yeast even with frequent changes. Also, I have to leave them undiapered until they are totally dry before I put any sort of cream on them since the dampness is what encourages the yeast to grow. Always remember too the yeast will travel, so if he has a yeast infection, do not try cream then put the same diaper back on or use a towel after a bath again. You can keep giving it back to him. I have had good luck with the following:

My very favorite for the diaper rash and yeast is Arbonne Diaper Cream, it seems to take care of all symptoms. The only down side is it seems to burn for a second or two when you first put it on. I keep using it because I get the fastest results and it has good botanical ingredients. This is not in stores so let me now if you need a contact.

My second favorite is Bordeaux's Butt Paste, it works great for diaper rash but not as effective on the yeast infections

If I am having trouble beating yeast in particular, my doctor did tell me to use Lotromin in small doses and it does work as well. Once I figured out the triggers though, I have not had to do this option much.

Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

make sure skin is clean with mild soap, then put 40% zinc cream on it (desitin 40% zinc works wonders)

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answers from San Francisco on

Make sure he's cleaned and dry in every little area and use corn starch on the rash. It's not expensive and it works. Also watch his diet, me may have some allergies. What kind of milk is he drinking? Have you tried a soy product?

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answers from Savannah on

A reaction to food could possibly be the case, although most do not get any reactions to applesauce (unless there is cinnamon in it). Try cutting out the apples and see how it goes. You can try it again in a small amount in a month or so. Also could be the diapers.

Use paper towels or wash cloths with water instead of wipes and change often. Try to change him at least once at night if he will be ok with his sleep.

As for the rash, have you tried the basics? When there is a diaper rash, you should first try a petroleum jelly based product, and if that doesn't help, then move to a zinc oxide based diaper rash cream (the highest percentage you can find). Also, let the boy rum around without a diaper on. To make this a little less scary for you, wait until your son poops, then don't put on a diaper. The fresh air usually helps. If you are having problems with a diaper rash that will not go away after 4-7 days, go to the doctor! If the previous mentioned methods do not work, you will need a prescription. My son never really got diaper rashes . . . as soon as he would get a little red, we would start the process and it would clear up withing a day or two. But, we just went to the doctor last week for one that lasted a week. The pediatrician said it was a fungal infection and gave us a prescription. The rash was gone in 2 days!

It sounds as though he is suffering, so I would get him to the doctor as soon as they can schedule it, and in the mean time, try the other methods.

Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

Have you used any diaper ointment? I swear by Balmex. Make sure he is clean and DRY where the redness is and slather Balmex on it until it goes away. If it's yeast the diaper ointment won't work, and if the area is not dry it will seal the moisture in and continue to be a rash. Put it on every diaper change even if it's just urine. It will protect his bottom when he poops again and keep it form getting worse.

Good luck~

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answers from Norfolk on

Lotrimin would be fine to try.
Liquid Malox is ok to use on his behind too - it helps cut the acid of his poop and urine - more adult foods can make them more acid and that irritates his skin.
Try adding some plain yogurt to his bath water - the skin loves it.
It's tough trying to air out their bottoms but maybe he can play bare bottomed on a towel in a dry bathtub (with supervision) for awhile.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't think I would try lotrimin. Change him often and leave his diaper off for a while if you can, at change time. Ask the doc tomorrow.

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answers from Greenville on

My 10 month old daughter just got over a really bad yeast infection. At first, it seemed like a diaper rash, & then we thought it was related to food, but finally it was a yeast infection. We used only wet washcloths to clean her (wipes if we were out), used cornstarch instead of baby powder & used an over the counter yeast infection cream. After about a week, it cleared itself up. We had to stay on top of it to keep her dry, but whenever we would change her, she would cry in agony.



answers from Houston on

He must wear cloth diapers. Then, even if he wet's his new cloth diapers, he'll cry, than you'll change his new wet cloth diapers right away!


Teresa T
Your 10 month old daughter, must start wearing cloth diapers. She'll love her new cloth diapers, that she'll even put on her new cloth diapers. She'll even love her new cloth diapers, even if she wet's her new cloth diapers and cries that she can't take off her new cloth diapers. When I was 10 month old, I loved my cloth diapers, that I always put on my cloth diapers, and loved my cloth diapers, even if I wet my cloth diapers and cried that I couldn't take off my cloth diapers. I am even of Autism and Profound Mental Retardation, which I loved putting on my cloth diapers. The same must too, be with you're 10 month old daugher.



answers from Houston on

Use a bath with aveeno oatmeal for babies. Dr smiths diaper crime must ask pharmacy



answers from Omaha on

I think you can get regular yeast infection cream for it. Also, give him yogurt (plain). That helps keep things in balance.



answers from Waco on

My first had a really sensitive stomach and all kinds of issues with diaper rash. It is probably something he ate that he is sensitive to. Happy Hiney (by prescription) or Boudreaux's worked best for us. You can use an antifungal, but I would talk to the doctor first and let he or she look at it. We only had that problem once, but I remember our doctor had us make a little concoction out of clotrimizole and Happy Hiney mixed together.



answers from Houston on

Both of my kids had really bad diaper rashes.

Yes, go to the dr. and let him check it out. He will most likely give you a prescription. Yes, it works but please remember the medicine can also make the bottom red if you put on too much too often.

There are a few things I do on top of the medicine. I change them every 30 minutes to keep their bottoms dry. This can be a real waste of diapers but it really does help. Also, I use wet paper towels or just rinse them off in the bath tub with some warm water. The wipes, even the sensitive skin wipes, can irritate it. The last thing I do is I let them play outside in the backyard with just a shirt on to let their bottoms air out.

I have had great success doing the above. I have used Dr. Smith's over the counter diaper rash and it works pretty well but the above along with any type of treatment works the best.


answers from Dallas on

The pediatrician I work for tells the parents to put a few coats of egg whites on the affected area. This forms like a new layer of skin and will help clear it up. He has had great success with this!

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