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Updated on January 18, 2008
A.B. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Hi All,

I need help with our first playdate. We moved her about a year and half ago and since we have been here, we haven't had any playdates. In our old neighborhood we had kids the same age as ours and they played together, but next week is my first official playdate for my daughter. She is 4 years old and wants to invite one of the children she is in preschool with home and I finally spoke with that child's mother. We are arranging something for next week. My questions are this: 1. Do I need to have activities planned or just turn them loose in her room to play? She said they can play with her doll house and play tea I need to have anything else planned? If so, any suggestions? They will be here from about 3:30 to 6:00. Also, I have a two-year-old son. What do I do with him during this time? Any suggestions, advice, etc. will be appreciated!

Thanks again, A.

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answers from Dallas on

I would definitely plan some little activities. I would go to and print off some cute little art projects. I also agree that play-doh is fabulous. Or even a princess tea party - let them get in dress up clothes and have a tea party. Also, I would plan a snack. Something healthy and lite since it will be a let afternoon play date. As far as your son is concerned, I would let him play with you and the mom so that the girls can have fun without interuption. Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

My guess is that they will play nicely together in your daughter's room. Little girls are pretty good at imagining and playing make-believe to entertain themselves. Maybe put out some fun clothes for helping to play "dressup"... some old heals or dresses that you don't mind them playing with. I bet they'll be so busy with each other that you'll be able to be with your son... might even be some good alone time with him.



answers from Auburn on

Hi A.,
I would let your daughter and her friend start off by playing in your daughter's room with her own toys. Girls that age have such wonderful imaginations that they will be playing all kinds of things like house, school, etc. If they seem to get bored or start disagreeing, then maybe you can pull them out with you to play a game or do play-dough or whatever. As far as your younger guy, I would keep him busy with you for most of the afternoon to give your daughter some "friend" time. Especially since it sounds like it's been quite awhile since she has had a playdate. I'm an older sister and I remember resenting always having to include my little sister in every single thing I did. Sometimes is ok, but we all deserve a little break from our siblings :-)



answers from Houston on

I would maybe have a few "planned" activities for the kids to do. I agree with the previous poster about play-doh - have them sit and do something creative like that. Also, maybe have some paper and art supplies. You can even buy (super cheap) activities (like little princess crowns) at Michaels and foam stick on letters and other proncess stuff for them to do. Just a thought. Do you have outside play stuff? They can do that too... Don't forget about a snack and drink. That can be a long time for them especially around dinner time. Regardless, I am sure they would be just content playing together. They will have alot of fun together.



answers from Dallas on

I would start by asking your daughter what she wants to do.
It may be as simple as having colors and coloring books at the table (and by all means include your son), then they will get bored and go play in her room.
Have a light, healthy snack (close to dinner and all)... and don't stress.
If there was a HUGE group, I'd have planned activities... but not with just one.
Sometimes we just put TOOO much pressure on ourselves.
I would plan to be in the same room they are... as you will want to watch their interaction the first time they play together...

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