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Updated on July 26, 2012
A.P. asks from Janesville, WI
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Hi! I am having a baby this fall, and my daughter will be turning two at the same time. We've been looking at double strollers. Our options are limited (we have a Chicco carseat, and I'd really like one that I can stick the carseat in, at least for the winter). Chicco makes a double stroller but it seems huge to me. Plus, my daughter is getting more and more independent and so I can picture lots of wanting in and out of the stroller. We won't be going on long walks over the winter, this would mostly be for in and out of stores, dr office, etc. So, we've been looking at Sit n' Stand models. One thing that's really bugging me about them, though, is that it appears that if you have a carseat in the front, the child in the rear can only stand, not sit. So, I'm unsure whether this is a good option because I would think my daughter would want to sit down sometimes.
The three that I've been looking at are the Baby Trend Double Sit and Stand, the Joovy Ultralight, and the One Step Ahead Sit and Stand.
So, my questions are:
Do you have a sit n' stand? Which one? Do you like it?
Are there other options I should be considering?

Thanks so much!

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answers from Dallas on

I did NOT have a sit in stand - but DID by a Maclaren side by side double stroller and LOVED it.

The backs will recline, so at about @ 4 months I put my daughter in it - no problem. Before that, I carried her in a sling and pushed a single stroller.

The Maclaren is SUPER light, easy to fold up, and easy to navigate. Nothing is worse than having to mess with a heavy, awkward stroller when you ahve two small children running around.

It was not a problem not having a place for the infant seat - there was never a time I wished I had that instead of a sling or the Maclaren.

I chose NOT to get the sit in stand because it didnt look like the toddler could really be strapped in good and I didnt want him running off when my back was turned. Also, if the toddler gets tired, he can't rest because he can't really lean back. Its like a bench to sit on.

I bought the Maclaren used for @ $70 but, if I had to do it over, would buy a new one because I loved it so much.

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answers from Boston on

We had a sit and stand stroller when my kids were little. (baby trend) The older one can sit when there is a car seat in the front. They sit facing they are going backwards. It's definitely not for fast walks outside (for exercising) as it can be hard to manuever at times. It was good for us when we went to mall and even like the zoo because it was very easy for my daughter to get off and on.

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answers from Cleveland on

We have the BabyTrend Sit and Stand DX (which is on sale right now at Babies R Us for less than $100! I just checked!) We absolutely love it. It's big and can be a bit hard to maneuver at times, but it is wonderful. We used it with the infant carrier until just last month, and my daughter always sat on it while the carrier was in place. It's just a little seat they sit on, they aren't strapped in, and they face you, but my daughter never minds. It's great to have because the basket is huge and you can fold it up one handed.
ADDED: Erika reminded me of this! Yes, we have had three kids on ours as well. We can have the baby in the seat, another kid sitting and a third standing. I only have two kids, but we have done this with my niece!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have a Joovy Ultralight and LOVE it. I have 3 kids & although they're a bit old for it now, when they were younger (ages 5, 3 & 1), my two oldest could both stand together in the back. If I need to fold it up & carry it on stairs, I could hold the car seat bucket in one arm/hand & the stroller in the other. We've sold a lot of strollers as we grow out of them, but that will be the absolute last one we sell. It's great for travel, walks (we took it all through a D.C. vacation) and yet also the mall.
Congrats on your pregnancy & good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have Joovy Ultralight and I really like it. It's compact and light. My three year old loved to stand on it and look in front. Chicco car seat fit great. You are right that when the car seat is in then the older child doesn't have as much room.My son usually stood up and if he was tired he didn't mind it. It's only for few months. Sometime it's hard to maneuver when it's fully loaded, but I think that's all strollers with smaller wheels. I chose Joovy because all the other once looked too big to me.

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answers from New York on

We have a Graco Ready to Grow and I LOVE IT!

My son is 4 and we have a 3 month old. We test drove several before purchasing this one and with the baby seat in the front, he can sit. This one also has an "infant seat" that attaches by the handle so that the older child can sit in front. The basket is easily accessible and while it's bulky (all double strollers are), it's easy to fold and get in and out of the car.

My husband didn't want to invest in this stroller because he thought it was silly when we already had a travel system. The other day he admitted that it was a great investment!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have the BabyTrend Traditional sit and stand. I loved and used the heck out of this stroller. The only downside is that it is quite long...I always envied the people that had the Joovy Caboose because it looked so compact but still had the same seating.

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