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Updated on December 05, 2012
J.S. asks from Cherry Hill, NJ
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I am looking for a higher quality backpack to purchase for my 15 year old son to use. Every one we have bought in the past only lasts 6-12 months. What are the best and most durable brands?
Thank you!

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answers from Detroit on

l l bean.. we had one - a strap broke.. (from a kindergartener being rough with it) I mailed it back.. theyreplaced it for free.. and refunded my postage... cant beat taht.

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answers from Augusta on

Hands down best one out there.
My 10 yr old last yer had to have two new back packs by Christmas. This year I ordered them from LL Bean, both of the kids packs still look brand new.
They are also guaranteed to last , If they don't just contact the company they replace it or the give you a discount worth the pack you ordered on a different one.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Haven't read the other answers yet, but I'm sure that LLBean and Land's End are among them. Listen to them. Those are the only backpacks I have ever bought that have lasted more than 4 months. And they don't just last that long---my 14 yr old son still has (and sometimes uses in the yard or weekend trips) the one I bought for him in 4th grade. Yep... even I have used it for a day trip to Cumberland Island. It was a clearance backpack from Land's End. Amazing quality.
Daughter has one from LLBean that still looks BRAND. NEW. and it is almost 4 years old.
SUPER quality. And LLBean guarantees all their backpacks...if it ever tears up for any reason, they will replace it--guaranteed--forever. For.EVER.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Lands End makes fantastic backpacks that last forever. And they have a lifetime guarantee.

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answers from New York on

L.L. Bean last forever and ever and if anything happens to it, they replace.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Lifetime warranty, will last for years.


answers from Columbia on

Jansport brand backpacks are the best. They have an awesome warranty. If anything comes apart or the zipper breaks, just send it in for a repair or replacement...free.

I've had one for years. Bought my son his first Jansport this year after serveral years of crappy packs.

High Sierra also makes awesome packs. They have a similar warranty to Jansport, and their packs have lots of pockets and are very comfortable to carry. Check out the High Sierra "Swerve" pack. Lots of colors to choose from.



answers from Chicago on

I bought a larger Jansport in 2002 (big enough to fit my books and a laptop) and used it all through college, then I used it as my diaper bag for 2 kids and it's still going strong. I use it every time we travel now, or whenever I need a computer bag, and other than possibly needing a little cleaning from being tossed around, it's still in excellent shape!



answers from Honolulu on

LL Bean

My daughter, has had her wheelie backpack, since Kindergarten and she is now in 5th grade. Her backpack from LL Bean, still looks new, it has never broke. And it is warrantied for life. If at anytime it breaks or anything, you can return it to LL Bean and they send you a new one. Free.
ALL their backpacks are very, good quality and worth the price.
My daughter's is monogrammed, and is in a style/color that has grown with her.
My son, has one from there too. Since Kindergarten and he is now in 1st grade, and he is not gentle with it, and it is still like new.

I HIGHLY recommend, the LL Bean backpacks.
It is very, worth it.
They have MANY styles of backpacks.



answers from Chicago on

Llbean or lands end. Both awesome and last forever



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like LLBean and Lands End are winners! I've not tried those, but my daughter (now a senior in high school) has had her Ful back pack for a couple of years and I got my 8th grader (the most "destructive" of my three-lol) a SwissGear, and so far they are holding up great through heavy duty binders and 4-inch textbooks!



answers from Columbus on

"Swiss Army" - both my high schoolers have them and they've lasted several years! We spent close to $100 on each one but totally worth it!!!

Good luck!!!



answers from Redding on

Check out Cabelas.com

Their products are very high quality and we buy most of our son's jackets, boots, and shoes through them. They never wear out. They have just about everything.

(They have cute stuff for women too!)

Best wishes.



answers from Wausau on

LL Bean. My kid used the same backpack for 7 years. I only replaced it because it was a lighter color and got too ground-in dirty to come clean. No damage or wear to it otherwise.



answers from Austin on

Go to amazon.com and search "Jansport Boost Backpack" and you will find the backpack that I recently ordered for my son. He had one that he used for at least 5 years! It was finally getting warn on the straps. He was thrilled when I found the same one online. He didn't want a new one as he loved the design and size of it.



answers from New York on

L.L. Bean - It may cost a little bit more, but it's worth it.



answers from Springfield on

Definately reccommend Lands End. Check their website and watch for coupons. I have gotten fantastic deals on them. I wait til on sale, then added percent off and free shipping. Plus you can return to Sears for any reason - EVER. I had given some to friends who have Kindergartener and First Grader. They each had an issue after 1 year. I thought, you know that warrenty/guarentee says forever. So, I called their customer service. They shipped me out two new ones and I returned the other ones to Sears. I didn't lie or sugar coat it, I said they are little kids, they have been dragged (the backpacks). They said no problem.

Mine has two of these, after 3 years, I bought her another one to be nice - the first one is still PERFECT. Read through the sizes, etc because most have the same design and many different sizes.

I think you will be pleased and if not, you can return it! (If it doesn't last, you can return it in 6-12 months!!!) Save your receipt, I just stick mine in a file. All of their stuff is AMAZING.



answers from Chicago on

When my daughter went on a long trip in her sophomore year of high school she needed one to hold lots of stuff so we invested in a Jansport from Dick's. Prior to that I was spending the ten to twenty dollars every year or so for a new back-pack. This was a great investement as she used it through her Freshman year of college. She just needed a bigger bag for a lap-top as a sophomore so we got a bigger Addidas one. She still uses the Jansport one for her athletic gear and other uses.



answers from Chicago on

Pottery Barn. Been really happy with ours and the lunch boxes.



answers from Seattle on

North face sold at REI.. Mine is 12 years old had it since college.. Washes great too. Also they seem like they never. Go out of style :)

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