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Updated on March 20, 2009
J.F. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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Hi Mamas,
Please help! I'm trying to find a good preschool (not Bible-based as I prefer to provide spiritual guidance instead of the school) for my daughter, for September, when she will be almost four years old. It's important to me that I find a school that other mothers recommend, and so far I've heard about two, Hope Montessori and Town and Country, both in Falcon. It seems that I need to find a school now because registration is already starting, and I'm worried that I'll be too late to hold a spot. I'm looking for something that will provide my daughter with positive social experiences while helping her to grow academically without lots of pressure--she loves to learn new things and she's started reading, which is so exciting, and I want to encourage her to continue. Thanks in advance--I really appreciate the sense of support and community from being connected to all the Mamasource mamas.

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I understand your preference to teach your child spirituality at home because I felt the same way about that. But I put my children in a Christian-based preschool nonetheless and was quite pleased with it. They don't try to teach them complex theological teachings - it's very basic, basic stuff, like God is seen in nature, pray before eating, things that I did not find objectionable in the least even though we attended a church with very different theology.

I liked the idea of a faith-based center because it's not all about money with them.



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My daughter has been going to the UCCS preschool for a little over a year, and we are very happy with it. We discovered that one of the big advantages of the preschools associated with the colleges is that they have a steady stream of work study students who come to help the main teachers out. So they get the advantage of a high student to teacher ratio, while they still get the consistency of having a head teacher there as well. We have been very happy with their academic program as well. If its location is not convenient for you, I'd check out the PPCC preschool -- I imagine they have a similar program. You do not have to be associated with UCCS to enroll, although you do pay more if you are not.

Best Wishes,




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We too had a bad experience with the Hope Montessori School- the one at Stetson Hills. We pulled both of our children out- it just seemed like the staff didn't care and it was overcrowded. I know you said you did not want bible based- but 2 of my children went to Springs Community Pre-School- corner of Woodmen and Lexington- and it was wonderful. The teachers truly care about the children and the student/teacher ratios are tremendous. The staff has extremely low turnover rates so you really get to know them and they get to know you and your family. Yes my children did learn some spiritual information, but I did not feel it was forced down my throat and I felt most of the information was something I could reinforce at home. Classes are offered at a variety of times and days- there is even an everyday class for Pre-K. There are often wait lists for the older classes. Good luck- I know it is a big decision.



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I don't have a good recommendation for you, but I did want to let you know my experience with Hope Montessori. My son went to the one in Monument and it was HORRIBLE!!! I researched so much before taking him there and was pleased with everything I found, but after him being there for almost a year and constantly picking him up with a poopy diaper (they rarely changed him), and dealing with other issues, the final straw was them not calling when my son had a severe allergic reaction to medicine. I picked him up and his eyes were literally almost swollen shut and the teacher didn't notice or bother to call me. I've heard many horror stories from other moms about Hope as well. I don't know if it's different in Falcon with a different director, but my personal opinion - I would advise against Hope. For the price they charge, the care should be excellent and it's not. Sorry I don't have any alternate suggestions for you, but best of luck!!

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