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Updated on June 16, 2010
K.V. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
7 answers

ok so i took a clearblue pregnancy test, but the stick that i have has 2 parts where lines show up, but the box doesnt say anything about the second part, when i took the test, the first part was a straight line, which meens its negative, but the second part gave me a line up and down, and the box says a straight line is negative and a plus sign meens positive, and im wonder if tthat because the 2nd line was up and down does that meen its positive??

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answers from Chicago on

A great website for helping you determine odd results and info on types of tests is

There are pictures of examples of positives and negatives, as well as feedback and experiences will all kinds of brands.



answers from St. Louis on

Nope. It's negative. If it's not a plus sign it is negative. I took a Clear Blue test just a couple of weeks ago. That is the way it is supposed to be--a straight up and down line in one section and straight acrossed in the other. If it were positive that straight up and down line would have a line acrossed it as well (plus sign). I know, I stared at it wishing it were positive myself. Good luck in getting pregnant! I'm right there with ya!



answers from Detroit on

Like someone else mentioned, the second window is a control window. It should always show a straight, up-and-down line to indicate that the test is working properly. The first window, the test window, is where your results will show up. It sounds like this particular test is negative because of the single, horizontal line. If you have reason to doubt it, though, you could try another kind of test. You might want to wait a couple of days first to make the results that much more accurate.



answers from Detroit on

I had this same problem with my first pregnancy in 2005. I got a line that was up & down but not a complete cross and it was positive. Take one that tells you so there is no question whether you or aren't



answers from Los Angeles on

The round screen is the results screen, the other diamond shape is to make sure the urine was read that will show a line up & down...according to this test you are not pregnant.

I checked it out on their site..



answers from Detroit on

maybe go get ept there the best a most understandleable retake it ept is i believe two straight lines n a plus.



answers from Fayetteville on

I really dont know i would go get a different kind and try again. The cheap ones work the same.

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