Pre-school Graduation

Updated on May 11, 2010
I.N. asks from Chicago, IL
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Looking for ideas on how to celebrate our daughter's Pre-school Graduation, beyond the ceremony at school. The graduation ceremony falls on a weekday morning and will by over my around 11:30 AM. I'd like to do something special afterwards, but something not too costly (watching our budget right now). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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answers from Chicago on

It's preschool - do nothing. Not one thing except maybe say "we are so proud of the friends you made this year"
That is it. Nothing else.
It's only preschool. It's not like kids fail preschool. It's not a big developmental milestone. Seriously. It's preschool. Get perspective and don't reward kids for nothing.

Oh and just so you know, I RUN and TEACH at a preschool.

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answers from Chicago on

You could take her & 1 or 2 of her friends to Chuck E Cheeses for playing & pizza.



answers from Chicago on

I think to have anything after a "ceremony" at this age is a bit about a picnic in the park if you MUST do something



answers from Champaign on

Keep it very simple. Like Kathy N suggested.
Flowers are too much at this age. Save that for 10 or 11 after a recital or a date with her daddy.
You could set too high a precedent at this age. The ceremony itself should be adequate with ice cream after.



answers from Chicago on

buy her a rose, take some pictures. It's Pre-School, after all, not high school or college. Sorry, if you want to save money, keep it simple.



answers from Chicago on

What about taking her for some ice cream at Margies Candies, if the weather is nice you can pack up a little picnic with all her favorites, Lincoln Park Zoo is always nice and is free the money you save on entrance you can spend on lunch. I think the most important thing is spending time with her and letting her know how proud you are of her.


answers from Saginaw on

How about just taking him/her out to a special lunch at their favorite place (perhaps McDonalds) or you can do a special trip to the park with a picnic.

My daughter is also graduating, I'm thinking about bringing her a little thing of flowers.



answers from Chicago on

Keep it simple. Lunch at her favorite place, cake and ice cream with family and friends. Hopefully the celebrations will keep coming and they get bigger and more as expensive as the children get older. Start out simple and work your way up. I am amazed at the extravagance people go through for small children who do not fully appreciated the expense or trouble their parents have gone through. Celebrate the day but keep it in perspective.


answers from Miami on

I think a day of fun with m& daddy if possible ,would be great for her and you! A park, lunch and playing should be great! Add a little something special, like playing dress up or school with her & her baby dolls would make a child feel happy & loved! God bless you and this is truly a special day for them! Give them a memory to last forever!
Kathy N.

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