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Updated on December 18, 2006
H.M. asks from Sacramento, CA
6 answers

I have a 8 month old who is trying to walk. He is also trying to crawl out of his play pen. Does anyone know of a play pen that is taller than average?

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answers from Spokane on

I agree with the other gals. My son was walking around furniture at 7 1/2 months so I purchased the SuperYard XT and kept him sectioned off in the living room. He loved it so much better then being pinned up and I loved it too because he and so much more space to rome.



answers from Portland on

I did the same thing with the play yard. I used it to divide the kitchen and living room. So I could be seen and see my son while cleaning and or eating. I also got a play n pack witch was taller than my first play pen for those trips to the bathroom or when you just dont want your baby to be exploring.

I don't think this post sounded like you are penning in your child all the time or not doing your duty as a parent. It sounds like your a normal mom that occassionally needs something to hold your child in safely to do something. Don't worry about it and keep at it.



answers from Las Vegas on

My girl cruised at 6 months and walked unassisted at 8.5 months, so I understand what you're going through!

Freedom is all well and good, but I found that if I wanted the chance to eat a meal, I had to set up barriers to keep her enclosed in a safe space.

We bought the Superyard XT originally intending to use it as a self-enclosed play yard, but she hated being that limited. So instead we now use it to section off the entire living room and front hall, giving her total freedom in that space (which we keep thoroughly clean and safe), and keeping the dining room and kitchen separate. I tie one side to the stair railing and pin the other end between furniture.

You can sort of see how I've got it set up in these pics:

That way, I can give her freedom to wander around the kitchen and dining room when I am able to closely supervise her, but I can also have time to cook, eat, etc. without so much worry.

Sometimes she stands at the edge of the walled-off section and yells at me, but I find most of the time I can distract her for fifteen minutes or so, to allow me to eat. A great way to do that was this: instead of giving her all of her first-birthday presents on that day, I've been handing them out slowly (about one a week) as needed. If she's having a meltdown because I'm trying to eat lunch, I pull out a new ball or bit of Lego or whatever and hand it to her. She toddles off to examine it and I get a few minutes of peace.

So I definitely recommend the Superyard XT (and possibly expansions, if you need them). Just be aware that it's not meant for non-carpeted won't sit still on hardwood, tile, etc. You need to use it on carpet.



answers from Portland on

Why is he in a play yard at all?! Let him walk around!

If you are a SAHM, your most important job is raising your child. Find joy in his achievements and encourage him to do what he wants to do, crawl, stand, move along the furniture, explore, and eventually walk. Be a positive teacher.

Sounds like you need to have more fun with your job of parenting. Set up an obstacle course with the kitchen chairs (in the living room where there is carpet), put them a foot or two apart and put stuffed animals on top of them to encourage him to stand and check them out and step to the next one.

Sure, he's moving a little faster than most kids, but you need to keep up with him, not fence him in! Mine climbed all the way up the stairs at 7 mos, one step at a time, then crawled away. I was behind him the whole time in case he fell, but he didn't. He was walking on his own by 9 mos. I don't see the point in holding a child back... you will only frustrate him, and yourself. I think it's better to support his inquisitive spirit while keeping him safe and teaching him how to be safe. Get a baby gate for the doorway if you must confine him to a room, but give him some space to do his thing.



answers from Sacramento on

YIKES! Seems like some of those other moms kinda bit your head off there. Don't get discouraged, though, every once in a while you need a safe place to put him while you get something done. I agree with a sectioned off area just for baby. I would also add some extras for babys development, such as tunnels to crawl through, and items to hold onto that wont fall over. There are also times when some of us live places where there is no extra space to close off. Consider letting him run around at a park or play area to get his energy out and do what you need to do during his naps (naps are beautiful things)! If all else fails, get a johnny jumper and let him jump around while you get done what you need to. I may not have been much help, but good luck anyway. (P.S.) they do have full sized playpens (differnet from the pack and play sizes) I found a good price at babydepot! Check it out.



answers from Phoenix on

No don't keep him in that thing he wants to walk don't stop him!!! that's wrong. there is a time for playpen and there is a time for learning obviosly he is miserable in it so maby it's time to take him out.

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