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Updated on December 28, 2010
J.H. asks from Tenino, WA
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I found out during my last midwife appointment that I have placenta Previa. She said that 85% of the time that it fixes itself. Then she says my case is the worst that she has seen and that out of the cases of this that she has seen that have been bad none of them fixed theirselfs. So I guess I want to try to connect with other mammas out there that have had bad cases of placenta Previa and see if any of you had this situation clear up on it's own. For if there is even one case of out there that cleared up on it's own then I have some kind of hope that mind will too.
I am one to stay away from doctors and hospitals as much as possible that is why I have gone with a midwife for this pregnancy and last and I really do not want to have to have a c-section I am praying hard that this clears itslef.

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answers from San Francisco on

I will cross my fingers for you that the placenta previa corrects itself and that you are able to deliver in the manner you want to. But I just wanted to let you know that c-sections are not the most terrible thing to happen. I have three very healthy, bright children all born by c-section. I was adament about my birth plan being followed with my first pregnancy and when it veered off course I was very stressed.

I think the most important way to go into any delivery is to have an open, flexible and educated mind. This way you will be prepared for any situation and not devastated by a plan not followed. All that is important is that you and the baby are healthy at the end of this pregnancy.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

My best friend had bad placenta previa. She had planned on having a homebirth from the beginning. However, her midwife suggested having the baby in the hospital, with her present. (as an advocate.) It was a good hting, because it ended up being a bit complicated and would have been very dangerous, at home.

Were you planning on a home birth, or a a bithing center? Most midwifes will absolutely not do a a birthing center or home birth with anything, but a low risk pregnancy, Your pregnancy is no loner low risk. I understand not liking hospitals and all, but the are equipped for emergency. Isn't better to start off in one, then end up in one with an emergency?

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answers from Milwaukee on

If left unmonitored by ultrasound, you are really taking your chances. I had it and almost bled to death with my first son...he ended up being an emergency c-section. My previa was very slight with him, but it caused all sorts of problems. I had it with my second as well. He was a 3 week early c-section, and ended up with the cord around his neck. Placenta Previa can correct itself, but until you have had it confirmed that it has cleared up (by ultrasound), get regular ob care. If untreated, you can bleed to death very quickly in delivery and risk losing your child.

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answers from Austin on

I am a midwife and over the years have seen several women diagnosed with placenta previa. I have also seen it resolve itself. One woman who had 7 children had a previa with the last 4 pregnancies. They all resolved and she gave birth at home each time. Your midwife should keep a close eye on it and hopefully as your pregnancy progresses the situation will clear itself.


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answers from Portland on

Hi J.,

I only have one bit of advice to add; and I am sure your midwife is aware of this, but you did not mention how far along you were when the ultrasound was done. It is not widely known that an ultrasound that shows placenta previa before 20 weeks is inaccurate most often and that is why it is said it may resolve itself. That said, it most certainly can exist and I would urge you to consider a birth that meets your needs, AND desires i.e. hire a doula to help you create the birth experience you are hoping for, even if it is not in the place that you were hoping for. A good doula can recreate to a great extent a homey surrounding, help you find a hospital that will let you in a tub for at least the safest part of the time etc.

Best of luck to you and please let us know how this turns out.

T. Nelson CD(DONA)

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answers from Atlanta on

My SIL had placenta previa that corrected itself, so sometimes it does. HOWEVER -do NOT avoid doctors and hospitals with this condition! You must, MUST know without a doubt that it has corrected itself before you get near your due date. Placenta previa is a DEADLY condition for both mother and baby. If it has not corrected itself, be incredibly grateful that you live in the western world in 2010 and can deliver your baby via c-section without one or both of you dieing. My aunt had a baby in 1958 who died and she came quite close to bleeding to death herself because of placenta previa. It is nothing to play around with! My aunt had to have 3 blood transfusions after the birth. Her baby girl was perfectly healthy and fine and only died because of the condition. That no longer has to happen! I wanted to avoid a c-section any way possible, and I did, but if I had been diagnosed with placenta previa, I would have gone for a c-section without thinking twice. Hopefully yours will correct itself, but be prepared to do what you need to do for yourself and your baby if it doesn't. C-sections are not the end of the world!

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answers from Eugene on

Where are you in your pregnancy? If it is very close to delivery your choices are limited. The successful outcome of a pregnancy is a healthy living child not a great homebirth.
I know you have chosen a midwife to have a better outcome in labor and delivery. You should look for a really experience acupuncturist and go to her/him several times in a week. That can help fix the placenta previa.



answers from Seattle on

Hi J.,
I didn't have placenta previa during my first pregnancy but I did develop preclampsia. I was also seeing a midwife and had to be transferred to a doctor. Your midwife should have a good referral for you. While I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to deliver at the birth center and with a midwife my main concern was that I have a healthy baby and not die in the process. My son was born healthy and I didn't have major complications and was able to deliver vaginally without meds. I am pregnant again and am still with the midwife. If this doesn't clear up for you and you have to have a c-section, try to keep in mind the prize at the end, a baby, the best thing ever. Good luck to you and I hope it corrects itself.



answers from Spokane on

How much are you willing to risk your life and your baby's? You could lose too much blood.



answers from Los Angeles on

This might not be the best time to stay "away" from doctors and hospitals. You really should be under the care of an OB that has experience with placenta previa. If it clears up on it's own that would be great but until you have confirmation of that, is it really worth the risk to you and your baby to avoid doctors?


answers from Dover on

My ultrasound w/ my daughter (2nd pregnancy) showed that I had placenta previa. They told me that if I started having problems I would end up on bed rest and require a C-section but either way should be fine. It did correct itself and I have a vaginal birth. Everything was great.

The important things to know are: 1) you have the condition so IF you went in premature labor (before it corrects itself) you don't waste time getting to the hospital and be sure to tell them you have placenta previa so they can take appropriate care, 2) don't over do it, and 3) consult your midwives because if it doesn't correct itself, you need to know what their plan of action will most likely need to have doctor involvement for your best interests (you and your baby).

With my son (1st pregnancy) I had midwives and most of them were great but one was always acting like something was wrong and was very rude. My son was fine, wonderfully healthy. My point being that although midwives tend to be my patient friendly than doctors, some are still a bit abrupt. Don't dismiss what she said but don't let it scare you too much either.

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