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Updated on October 27, 2010
K.C. asks from Evansville, IN
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I had an ultrasound yesterday (16 weeks) due to bleeding and cramping over the weekend. Baby is fine, but I was diagnosed with placenta previa. Nurse said it wasn't a huge deal, but would have to monitor it, and that I would require a c-section. I don't see the dr. until this monday. They told me to take it easy, no walking (in/out of grocery is fine), no strenuous activity, no sex, etc. until I see the dr.
I wasn't too concerned until I googled it. Now I am concerned!
Anyone experience this? How bad was it? Thanks.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Previa is not a reason to abstain from normal activity :P

It can correct itself, so they will keep an eye on it and you won't need a section if it moves up and out of the way. But otherwise, yes, there's no chance of vaginal birth with partial- or full-previa.

Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had it, was able to give birth vaginally, but OMG the placenta didn't completely come out w/ the baby and guess what? The doctor had to manually remove it with her hand/arm. I didn't have an epidural, so I passed out from that maneuver alone (it was actually worse than pushing the baby out). Don't want to scare you, but that was the worst of it for me. I didn't have to alter any of my normal day-to-day activities while pregnant; and I did avoid a C-section, which I was keenly focused on. Good luck, ok and don't stress!

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answers from Cleveland on

My mom had 3 kids and my 2 younger brothers were both placenta previa. They were both born by c-section. The doctor did tell my mom after the 2nd baby was born that she should not have anymore babies due to the high risks. Don't worry too much and talk about it with your doctor at your next appointment :)

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answers from Chicago on

I also had placenta previa and it moved out of the way by the time I delivered. I did have spotting through out the whole 9 months and had at least 9 ultrasounds.

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answers from New York on

I had this condition during the first two trimesters. My doctor also told me not to worry b/c it very often corrects itself as the baby grows- essentially the placenta moves up and out too! I still had a c-section, but due to a different situation. If the other had not occurred, I would have had a natural delivery. I have had several friends with placenta previa... all fine!

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answers from Austin on

Mine turned out to be a partial and moved up and out of the way as my baby grew. The doctor should give you more details as to how severe/or not the positioning is. You will have more ultrasounds than normal to keep an eye on it. Also, there is a good chance that it will move out of the way by the time your baby is due. Mine was completely out of the way by the third trimester. Even when I had it, I was still walking, working, hiking and swimming. I was careful not to do anything like jogging or high-impact. The real drawback was the no sex.

I'm surprised the nurse said it would require a c-section as they don't know if it will move away as the baby gets bigger. My nurse/doctor's office sent me to an ultrasound specialist that had a better ultrasound machine to see exactly where the placenta was located and waited until they knew for sure before making any prognosis. I continued to visit the ultrasound specialist until they gave me the all clear. And again, I was told just to take it easy until they knew for sure and did not make predictions as to the outcome until much later on in the pregnancy.

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answers from Dover on

I had it w/ my daughter (2nd pregnancy). It corrected itself and I delivered normally with no complications other than gestational diabetes (which is not at all connected to placenta previa). If as you progress it doesn't correct itself and/or you start being symptomatic you will probably end up on bedrest.

Just remember that if you go into preterm labor, make sure the doctors and nurses on call are completely aware so they can take the necessary precautions for you and your baby to remain healthy.

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answers from Pocatello on

I had placenta previa with my first baby. Basically there are different degrees of it and it sounds like yours is more mild which is a good thing. With me I was only 10 weeks along and bleeding very heavily! Like through my clothes and onto my bed sheets! I thought for sure I miscarried. but it turned out to be Placenta previa and I was on bed rest until I stopped bleeding which took 3 weeks! But after that everything was fine. No more problems. And you will only have to have a c-section if your placenta doesn't move out of the way but seeing that you still have a ways to go it will probably move. As the baby grows more it will push it out of the way. So try not to stress. You and your baby will be ok. Promise :)

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answers from Atlanta on

Follow your doctor's orders CLOSELY! It is a very dangerous condition if it's still a problem when it's time to deliver. My SIL's placenta previa moved -she had what you did early on in the pregnancy. Since hers moved, she was able to forego a c-section and everything went as normal. If it doesn't move, they will likely schedule a c-section before you can go into labor. Don't stress it, just follow doctor's orders and maybe it will move! Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

I also had placenta previa with my daughter. It is actually more common than you think. Usually depending on where it lies you will have to have a c-section to deliver you baby. It can move during the remainder weeks of your pregnancy which your doctor will be monitoring. I kept doing everything I normally did daily with the exception of strenuous excercise, sex and heavy lifting. I had a 2yr old and it was hard not being able to lift her up when she wanted to but if I sat down she could lay with me. You'll most likely have more ultra-sounds than with a normal pregnancy so they can monitor the placenta and of course the baby.
Relax and enjoy being pregnant and just don't do strenuous activity and you'll have a healthy happy baby!!! Best Wishes to your new bundle of joy!!

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answers from Fargo on

I had placenta previa... It went away on it own and I was able to have a natural delivery. I was scared also. The big this is no sex. You do not want to rupture anything. But it could go away. You will probably have another ultrasound to see how things are. Good Luck and try not to worry...

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answers from San Francisco on

I completely agree with Michelle M.! Iwould have written essentially the same.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I had it with my second one and it fixed itself-- which happens often. I think the nurse jumped the gun a bit with saying you will need a c-section. I wouldn't be too stressed over it for now. Just use it as an excuse to take better care of yourself (read: have others cater to you. ;) )

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