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Updated on April 11, 2012
H.P. asks from Rancho Cordova, CA
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Good day everyone, I have a question/ concern about Pink Eye. My now two year old son has been getting pink eye on a regular basis now since his father put him into a public day care during his access visits. I have lot count but he has contracted pink eye more than 4 times in the past 8 months. He alwasy starts showing symptoms of it when he is with his father. (he visists his father from tuesday to tuesday - 1 full week). The systmptoms generally present within a day or two of my son's return back to me. This past visist my son had with his father he presented the systmpoms on Monday (while at day care) and he was comming back home the next day. When i arrived to pick up my son, his father informed me that he took our son to the doctor as the day care thought he had pinkeye (which he did). Dad also informed me that this is yet again my fault, as i don't "clean his boogers enough" and our son " smears them all over his face and into his eyes". My question is - how long do the symptoms of pink eye actaully take to show once the child has been in contact with the infection? I know there are three types of pink eye with varying degrees of intensity. My son's father lives on a pig farm and has been known to take our son in the barn with him and into the tractor in the feilds. Is there any chance that our son could be contacting the infection from the contact with the farm animals &/or chemicals? I realize that it's a far fetched idea and that the infection is most likely coming from the day care - but Dad doesn't seem to think that anything he is doing is wrong and that his day care is the cleanest place int he world and that the pink eye and other illnesses have nothing to do with the public day care.

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answers from Atlanta on

Your son smearing boogers on his face won't give him pink eye. It sounds like Dad hasn't properly disinfected something your son always comes into contact with at his house -like a pillow, stuffed animal, etc. He needs to thoroughly wash and sanitize EVERYTHING your son touches, sleeps on, wallows around on, etc. Of course he could have originally picked it up at daycare or gotten it more than once there. You should make sure they're properly sanitizing everything as well.

It is possible he's allergic to something on the pig farm or that he's touching something with fecal matter on it or something of that nature out on the farm and getting it in his eye -therefore setting up infection. Talk to him about watching the boy carefully. Also make sure that you have cleaned and disinfected all bedding, pillows, furniture, stuffed animals, etc. at your house.

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answers from Sacramento on

The daycare is required to post a notice or send a written notice home to parents whenever they have a case of something like pink eye occur. Do you have any way of finding that information out from the daycare? That could help you to establish facts about where your son is picking it up.



answers from Orlando on

pink eye CAN be caused by his own mucus (boogers). When we have a cold, our mucus carries the virus and bacteria to help rid the body of the cold, SO, if he rubs it into his eyes, he can get pink eye, or of course if someone else has it, he can get it from them too. Has you son had a cold w/ a runny nose each time? It does seem excessive, what does your doctor say?



answers from Sacramento on

If your child has had pink eye that much "from the daycare" almost every child at the daycare would have it. If you show up to the daycare, look at the other children's eyes. Its not something they can hide and they are responsible to send those children that have pink eye home.
I would look to something else for the cause, not that he couldn't get it from the daycare, but to be getting it THAT much from a daycare sounds ridiculous.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The causes of pink eye include:
A chemical splash in the eye
A foreign object in the eye
In newborns, a blocked tear duct
After reading this article from the Mayo Clinic, pink eye can be triggered by an irritant or an allergen. So it *could* be triggered by something on the farm....
Probably best to talk to your pediatrician about it.
Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

hahahaha! It's all your fault. He takes no responsibility? He is hilarious.

You aren't going to change his mind, so I would pay no mind to his ridiculous comments.

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