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Updated on October 25, 2008
K.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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We may have to get tubes put in the ears of our 16month old.
I DON'T want to do it! It seems so invasive and I keep thinking she'll outgrow her small tubes.
She hears normally, but they are unsure of the quality of her hearing. She has a vocabulary of about 40 words, but the constant fluid in her ears is a problem for the health of her ear drums and the bones in her ears. She has had fluid for 4 months :(

Has anyone had Dr. Jepsen do this surgery on their child? If so, please tell me about your experience and if you think he did a good job explaining things to you and caring!

Any other stories of ear tubes would also be appreciated. I am really nervous about this.

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I had tubes put in my daughters ears at 18 months and I was so scared and afraid I was making the right decision that I was sick about it. She was having constant double ear infections and was not recovering from one before another one hit. I finally met with an excellent ENT from Aspen Clinics, Dr. Shefelbine and she convinced me to put them in. We brought her in to Childrens for the surgury, they put her out in my arms, and she woke up in my arms. That was the worst part. That was 2 years ago now, she has had only one ear infection since then. She is so much happier and I wish I would have done it earlier to save her from so much pain and me from sleepless nights.

Now another story about a mom who refused to give her child tubes, I worked with a very nice 18 year old guy at the high school who had two hearing aids, one day he told me the story about why he needed them and it was from the extensive scarring and damage done to his ears from his chronic ear infections because his mom wanted to be all natural. He has only 20% hearing and when I asked him how he felt about that he has to wear hearing aids for life now he said he will never forgive his mother for not getting tubes in his ears as his ent told him that this could have been prevented if he would have had tubes as a child.

Go for the tubes, save your child the pain.



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I tried using a chiropractor to help with my guys ears and it did help, but not as much as we had hoped and he still had to have tubes put in. We waited a bit longer and should have done it sooner....but oh well. We used Dr. Browning in Park Nicollet. Very nice women, caring and friendly. The surgery itself takes no time, it's just tough to have to keep them from eating. It's said to see them get carted away but by the time your tears hit the ground they are back and all is well.

It helped my sons ability to hear alot and his speach improved greatly.

Good luck.



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My son had tubes when he was 2 years old and it was the best thing I could have done! He had constant ear infections and was just in so much pain. I cant remember the doctor I had do it but it was a really good choice. It was a little scary when he was being put under and I was a nervouse wreck but it only lasted like 20 minutes and he was back in my arms!



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I don't have and info on Dr Jepsen but my son did have tubes put in when he was 7 months old. It was so much faster than I thought it would take. All in all I was there for just over two hours. It was the best thing I could have done. In 7 months he had 6 ear infections and since he has had none. He is now 2.
Here is how it went. I got there he was changed into their PJs and given some meds for his stomach. Then they took him back I wasn't there when he was put under. At the time I hated it but looking back I think it would have been that much harder to see that. They brought him back and we needed to stay I think 45 mins - an hour and sent home. He was fine the rest of the day. I was suprised to hear that you no longer have to put ear plugs in unless they will be underwater. (at least his ent does this) So at bathtime no plugs but swimming yes.
Good luck

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