Pain on the Left Side of Neck and Face

Updated on May 19, 2011
L.C. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Good Morning fellow moms!
So I have been having pain on the left side of my face and down the left side of my neck for quite some time. I have been to the doctor and he put me on some steroids but they don't seem to be helping. He said that I may have a mild case of Trigeminal Neuralgia. The pain seems to be getting worse and I was just curious if anyone on here has experienced this pain before? Or if anyone has any good info about TN?
Thank you in advance!!
Quick update: My doctor decided to give me steroids instead of anti seizure meds because I want to have another baby soon.

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answers from Dallas on

I would check with a dentist first. Make sure you don't have any jaw infections or root canals that have gone bad.
Tell your MD that the meds he/she gave you aren't working.
Considering you want to have another baby, maybe you should try chiropractic. Chiropractors are great with jaw and neck pain, and they do it naturally by addressing the cause of the problem not just the symptoms. I have had jaw problems ever since I had my wisdom teeth removed and getting my jaw re-aligned is what keeps me pain free and stops me from grinding/clenching my teeth. or call ###-###-####

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answers from Boca Raton on

Go to the dentist to make sure you dont have an abscess tooth... Or TMJ.. I have TMJ and my jaw gets sore at times... I have also had numbness in my face on occasion.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Did they rule out TMJ? Where you clench your jaw at night?



answers from Dallas on

I had TN from a misaligned bite following extensive dental work. Had to finally change dentists and my MD referred me to Dr. D'Amanda, Country Chiropractic. His website is very informative regarding TN pain. Dr. D'Amanda's technique was the ONLY treatment I found to relieve pain. He worked with my dentist to finally get my bite aligned correctly. In addition, you may want to find a dentist that is certified in neuromuscular dentistry. Good luck in getting relief!



answers from Phoenix on

What type of MD did you see? And how long have you been taking the steroids? Those can take several days to kick in?

Did this pain start suddenly or come on gradually? Have you tried OTC analgesics, like Alleve/Motrin products? If so, do they help?

I would recommend you see a neurologist as soon as possible. Call your doctor back and tell him the steroids aren't working. He/She needs to know this info. It's important....b/c it means that whatever they were thinking is probably incorrect.



answers from Boston on

I thought anti-convulsants were given for TN, not steroids ?
I'd get a second opinion.
You might want to see a dentist as well.

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