OB GYN In Tampa or Brandon That Accepts Medicaid-

Updated on June 06, 2012
M.O. asks from Riverview, FL
5 answers

I am seeking an OB GYN in Tampa or Brandon that accepts MEDICAID.

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answers from New York on

I am looking for an OB/GYN located in Riverview, Fl. that will expect medicaid?



answers from Tampa on

I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks and I would never go to any other doctor now - I had medicaid at the time and I will tell you this doctor is wonderful.. he's very caring. When you go to see him he seems kind of rushed but its nothing personal... he's a very busy doctor but if there is something wrong or concerns that you have he will slow down. His name is Mark Davis ###-###-#### he is now located in St. Joe's Women's Hospital. He really is wonderful and I recommend him to EVERYONE! :)



answers from Tampa on

My OB/GYN is on Habana and delivers at St Joe's the number is ###-###-####. And they deal with high risk and accept regular medicaid.



answers from Tampa on

Hello M..

Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, and Congrats on your pregnancy. If you have straight Medicaid, then my doctor is awesome. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years, Including one at 3 1/2 months. This pregnancy has been rough with severe vomiting and placenta previa. His name is Doctor Richard Lewis. His office is on Habana just down the street from St. Joseph's Hospital. His number is ###-###-####

Hope and pray that this is a good, strong pregnancy for you

Best of luck !!!




answers from Tampa on

When I was pregnant I had coverage through my job but then stopped working and with Cobra being so expensive went on Medicaid.

I went to "The Women's Group" a great pratice. They have a location on Martin Luther King and Bruce B Downs. Dr. Butler is the owner of the practice and there are many OB GYN's to choice from within the Practice. They are associated with both St. Joseph's Women Hospital and University Hospital. They specialize in high risk pregnancies. The number I have is for the Bruce B Downs location it is ###-###-####.

I absolutly loved this office. Everyone is female. Both locations have wonderful doctors but I found the Bruce B Downs location to have a little less of a wait with a larger more comfortable waiting room.

FYI...My situation was a little different with being a current patient and then switching to Medicaid but a friend of mine said that Dr. Butler accepts Medicaid and with some of the other doctors it's at their discretion. But I really recommend this office it's worth a try.

I was also told with Medicaid that you don't get as well of treatment at the hospital but that wasn't my case. I delivered at St. Joseph's and I had a wonderful experience everyone was so nice and helpful. I actually loved being in the hospital because everything went so smoothly.

Congratulations, hope everything goes well.

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